Invest in real estate, without the hassle or expense of managing property

Introducing the first marketplace for investing in hotels, Vacation Home Portfolio Properties & residential properties with stable passive income.

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Explore opportunities beyond
stocks and bonds

Diversify with thoroughly vetted commercial real estate
with the potential to generate monthly rental
income and grow in value.

  • Our Properties
    We source, screen, and verify investment properties using a 100-point proprietary screening tool to offer you only the best opportunities. To provide an extra layer of comfort, we use a 3rd party valuator to back up our assessment.
  • Hassle-Free Investing
    With Vairt, the entire process is digital. Making your investment journey convenient, transparent and efficient.
  • Smooth Exit Process
    There is no lock-in period. Although we recommend a holding period 2-5 years, investors are free to exit the property at any point in time.

We're changing the
way you invest.

Smarter diversification

Now you can diversify outside of the public markets with private real estate, allowing you to reduce risk and improve stability.

Institutional quality without the high fees

The fees you pay affect your bottom line. Our proprietary software, in house construction, management and brokerage team helps us reduce costs, which means we can charge lower fees, so you can maximize your returns.

Flexible investment minimums

Unlike most private real estate investments, our low minimums give you the flexibility to invest the right amount, at the right time, to meet your goals.

The convenience you’d expect from a modern investment platform

Invest and manage your portfolio through our easy-to-use website and mobile app. Track your performance and watch as properties across the country are acquired, improved, and operated via dynamic asset updates.

Past Investments

Create an account in under 5 minutes to unlock details of past investments.

We’re making investing in real estate easier than ever

Vairt introduced the first and largest two-sided marketplace for investing in real estate. On one side, we source properties from auctions, foreclosure & motivational sellers from our nationwide network, then acquire, renovate and manage those properties for individual and institutional investors on the other.

How it Work

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Our dedicated Investor Relations Team is standing by to help simplify your real estate investing process.

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Join the thousands of others
investing in real estate Investment.

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