Investors Commitments

Investors: Here are our commitments to you.

Our mission is to deliver the best online real estate investing experience and make it easy for individual investors to diversify their portfolios.

Together–the investors, sponsors, and partners of Vairt–we’re reinventing real estate investing. Not only are we transforming how investors and sponsors connect online, but we’re also creating a more efficient, transparent, and trustworthy market for everyone.

As we work with some of the nation's sponsors to bring private real estate investments to the Marketplace for your consideration, we believe that clear expectations help raise the bar and hold everyone accountable.

These are our commitments to you.

Quality and Experience

Deal Sourcing and Vairt Review:

We scour the U.S. for experienced, successful, and innovative sponsors that value and welcome individual investors into their projects.

As part of our screening process, we evaluate the sponsor, their management team, and their track record. Next, we dig into the deal’s business plan and market assumptions as thoroughly as possible to determine if it’s a good fit for the Marketplace.

We know that you rely on us for both deal flow and deal review.

The Vairt Review Process helps ensure that our Investments team analyzes each deal against the same criteria without sacrificing the pace at which we introduce new sponsors and launch new deals.

Transparency and Education

Investor Education and Support

Once the Vairt Review Process is complete, the deal is launched on our Marketplace and made available to our investor community. We strive to give you as much information as we can so that you can determine if a deal makes sense for your individual portfolio. After a deal is launched, you’ll have several days to review the details of the project before the window to invest opens.

Should you have any questions about a deal, you’ll be able to ask those questions directly to the sponsors via the detail page and during their live webinar. Our Investor Relations team is on hand to guide you through the investing process and help you navigate the Marketplace.

We also invest in ongoing investor education and resources to help you better understand how to navigate commercial real estate investing. Leverage our online resource center to learn from our team of experienced commercial real estate professionals, as well as other investors and real estate sponsors.

Efficiency and Innovation

Investing Experience

We work hard to make the online investing process simple and easy. Thanks to your feedback, we’re continually improving our platform to enhance your experience.

Our goal is to ensure that you secure a position in the investment opportunities you select for your portfolio, so we’re focused on streamlining and minimizing the effort and time it takes to submit an offer and fund your investment.

Should our allocation amount in a deal be unable to accommodate all interested investors, we will make it clear where you are in the process and what you need to do to move onto the next step. Investments will be finalized on a first-to-fund basis.

Clarity and Analysis

Portfolio and Asset Tracking

We make it easy for you to view your investment portfolio online. We designed our platform to facilitate communication between you, the sponsors, and other investors, as well as track each investment position through its lifetime until realization.

We ask our sponsors to provide you with regular updates about each investment position. To that end, we stay connected with the sponsor for the life of their project and track their communications about the project’s progress as it relates to their business plan.

Like all investments, commercial real estate investing has inherent risk. When a deal diverges from the business plan, we will encourage and facilitate clear and timely communication from the sponsor. When determining sponsor eligibility for future deals on the Marketplace, their previous communication compliance is a key factor of the Investment’s team review.

Our team will also monitor the performance of each deal on an ongoing basis and communicate with you as needed.

Our Final Thoughts:

Our investors have helped shape Vairt into the company we are today. The Marketplace has come a long way since 2014, and we owe much of that to the generous feedback and input of our investor community. We know that no platform is ever perfect, but we’re committed to always improving and creating an even better investor experience–you deserve it.

Jamil Ahmed Sukhera

Cheif Executive Officer, Co- Founder

Sabeen Ahmed

Cheif Marketing Officer, Co-Founder


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