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Real estate is fantastic, it’s one of the most important asset classes to own and to build long-term wealth. Investing in real estate is anything but fantastic – it’s largely inaccessible to the average person, it’s paperwork intensive and time-consuming, there’s a lot of admin and maintenance, and as a market, it’s opaque and illiquid. Also, in our experience property investors all too often don't get the value they deserve - buying into deals with promises of returns that don’t ever materialize.

We're building Vairt to change this by creating a digital platform that makes real estate investing simple, transparent, and affordable to all. We break down the barrier to entry to USD 5000, identify the most attractive assets in the market and provide all the transparency you need to make an informed investment decision. We also manage your investments for you end-to-end, from carrying out the property acquisition to arranging and distributing rent, managing payments, all the way to executing the sale of each asset at the time of exit. With Vairt, you can become a landlord within minutes, create your own diversified property portfolio and sit back collecting a second income and a best-in-class total return on your investment.

We're here to redefine the way we discover, transact and own real estate for the better. We're starting with making investing in great real estate real easy.

So, how will you make money?

Vairt was built to empower everyone to own and build wealth through real estate

Monthly rental income

Consistent passive income from monthly rental payments

35,000 sqft

63 Rooms Colfax Inn value added Hotel

1402 N Walnut St, Colfax, IA 50054, USA

40% Sold
  • 7.11% Est. Cash on Cash
  • 5% Est. Property Appreciation
  • 54%Est. Total ROI
Long term value appreciation

Watch your investment grow as the property value appreciates

Real estate combines the best of all asset classes

It is one of the most important asset classes to own and to build long term wealth.

Value appreciation

In addition to monthly passive income, real estate appreciates in value like equities, creating long term wealth for investors.

Hedge for inflation

Real estate is the oldest asset class in history and has always been a great hedge during inflationary times, just like gold.

Passive income

Real estate generates a consistent passive income like bonds, in the form of reliable monthly rental payments.

Storehold of wealth

Everybody aspires to own a home, making real estate a tangible store of wealth with a very high recovery value.

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