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Investor Basics

What is Vairt?

Vairt is a next-generation real estate paradigm which provides All in One Solution for real estate business ecosystem. It uses latest technological innovation to tokenize real estate assets, placing them on Blockchain based platform to raise capital by offering Fractional Ownership to a global pool of investors who can invest using fiat and/or cryptocurrencies through Vairt. Moreover, Vairt generates better ROI for tokenized assets by giving them access to Global Vacation Home Market through our Property Management System which provides Vacation Rental Software & extensive worldwide network of Channel Managers for marketing on partner portals like Expedia, Bookig.com & Airbnb. The platform and underlying technologies are designed to allow a vibrant ecosystem of Investors, Real Estate Partners and Property Managers with opportunities to emerge and share in mutually beneficial transactions. Investors will be able to credit their Vairt wallets with Digital/Fiat Currency. Now they can choose properties from our carefully scrutinized & vetted pool of global real estate portfolio to invest in fractional ownership using LLC concept. On completion of the purchase, fractional ownership smart contracts will be issued to investors on the blockchain. Partner property managers will operate acquired properties by using Vairt Property Management System. Investor wallets will begin to accrue passive income from day one of the investment through rental income of properties. Vairt portfolio would ideally occupy the casual luxury vacation home segment that has broad appeal to web based vacation homes service providers and holiday travelers. The earned passive income can be used to book portfolio properties for residence, invest in further properties or cash out in form of fiat currency. Partner Real Estate companies can advertise their investment portfolio for our international investors by using Vairt Real Estate CRM.

What is Fractional Ownership in Real Estate?

Fractional ownership is percentage ownership in a real estate property. It is a form of collaborative consumption where the overall cost of a property is split among a group of owners or investors. In simple words, a real estate asset is sold to multiple individuals who receive the percentage of ownership title as per their investment. It entitles them to enjoy all the benefits of that asset as per their share. These benefits include rental income, usage rights, priority access, and gains occurred from the sale of that asset. Fractional ownership is a recently adopted real estate investment structure enabling investors to enjoy the returns of real estate market with small investments and diversify their investment portfolio into multiple options, therefore greatly reducing the market risks. Fractional ownership assets are typically managed through a property management company that supervises the regular upkeep, maintenance, and rental management. Think of it like this: A whole pie may look delicious, but it doesn't make financial sense to buy the entire dessert if you are just having a few bites. However, if you split the cost among several buyers and ensure that everyone gets a slice, then the purchase makes sense. That's the theory behind fractional real estate ownership, in which second homes are purchased under a multi-owner structure and cost and access to the home is shared.

Whats is Blockchain and Its role in Real Estate?

The blockchain is a decentralized, immutable, publicly distributed ledger. Vairt's blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of Real Estate transactions that is designed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. The blockchain is a mechanism that brings accountability. No more missed transactions, human or machine errors, or even an exchange that was not done with the consent of the parties involved. By using this state of the art technology, data is embedded within the network as a whole, by definition it is public. It is almost incorruptible and due to its design, cannot be controlled by any single entity even by Vairt. With many major businesses and governments actively working on adopting a blockchain solution we may be on the brink of a digital revolution. Although still in its infancy stage the technology has reached a point where it is ready to be applied in many real-world situations and as such has since seen its popularity boom. The blockchain is a relatively new technology that has recently been thrust into the public eye with the use of multiple applications. The uses of Blockchain will continue to grow as its adaptation becomes more widespread. Adapting Blockchain technology to one of the most traditional and sustainable industries (Real Estate) has massive room for growth and development. By using Blockchain Smart Contracts, Data of Investors in fractional ownership, Deeds, Lease Agreements, Security Deposits, and Developer agreements will be transparent and publically available to anybody.

What is Vairt Real Estate Investment Platform?

Vairt.com provides a comprehensive blockchain based crowdfunding platform for real estate investors, brokers, and developers for buying and selling real estate assets globally. Investors are able to choose from diverse options and real estate companies can choose which properties they want to list for sale. Vairt also provides a custom made crowdfunding platform to developers where they can sell their selected projects. Vairt also offers its investors the opportunity to not only buy tokens in our listed properties but a market place where they can sell their tokens as well, giving them fast liquidity solution for real estate investments.

How to use Vairt Platform?

Create your account profile at Vairt.com and complete the verification/approval requirements. The entire process is completed online via our website. You will be prompted to provide or verify any required information (KYC / AML), as well as make the necessary acknowledgments electronically and share your investing goals with us. The process is quick and simple. Once you join, you have exclusive access to current eligible investments and can view past performance. Key investment details are presented at a glance – explore opportunities that align with your investment goals. When you are ready to invest, you can quickly complete your transaction online. Once you've found the right investment for you, subscribe to be notified when the crowd-sale goes live. Once live you can begin investing along with other investors towards the sales goal. After the crowd-sale is completed successfully, the final paperwork to convert the property into LLC will be completed by our legal team. We give peace of mind to investors by performing all the necessary tasks to acquire the property on their behalf. The investors will receive their share of the property (tokens) shortly afterward. As an owner, you will receive income proportional to your share of tokens owned, receive regular property reports. Manage your investments and get the most out of your money, check your account to follow the evolution of your investments. Unlike conventional real estate markets, Vairt also gives its investors an opportunity to liquidate their investments through our MarketPlace platform where investors can sell or buy each others tokens at market-determined prices. You only have to choose the opportunities you like. You don't need to worry about paperwork, managing tenants, managing renovation works etc. It is all taken care of. Always keep in mind that diversifying your investment considerably reduces the risk in your portfolio. Vairt empowers you to invest in different countries, cities, neighborhoods, types of opportunities and types of operation. At Vairt it is easy to get the most out of your money.

Who are Vairt Partners?

Vairt is building partnerships with multiple selected companies across the globe. These are the players in real estate, vacation home rentals, property management, fiat and cryptocurrency gateways, and legal associates. Our platform provides a unique ecosystem from real estate crowdfunding to sustainable benefits to our investors and industry partners. Our partners share a mutual global platform where they are able to enhance mutual cooperation and develop new opportunities.

Why Become Vairt Partner?

Vairt offers a unique opportunity to its partners to expand their reach to a global arena. It provides a functional ecosystem to all its partners to collaborate their areas of expertise with each other and complement their respective fields to generate benefits and business expansion. At Vairt, every partner has a business model which is associated with other partners at a certain level.

Real Estate CRM

Who is Vairt suitable for?

Vairt Real Estate CRM is suitable for any real estate professional looking for an online software tool to help them manage their business, secure more leads; close more deals and become more efficient. It is suitable for Brokers, Agents, and Property Managers - either individual users working autonomously or for large teams. Currently, we have a whole spectrum of users using Vairt - from individual independent agents up to hundreds of agents in multiple locations.

What makes Vairt Real Estate CRM stand above the competition?

Vairt offers a complete end-to-end solution covering all aspects of managing a real estate business. Vairt for real estate professionals is so much more than just a CRM. It covers lead management, listing management, deal and transaction workflow management, real estate websites, calendar and task management, an advanced reporting suite, marketing tools along with drip marketing and so much more! We believe if you use Vairt you wont need to use any other real estate software to manage your business!

I am a technophobe; will I be able to understand Vairt?

Vairt is very easy to use the system. If you know how to use Facebook, for example, we believe you will able to use Vairt quite easily! Vairt has an intuitive user interface which is easy to adapt and makes workflow simple and straightforward yet comprehensive. If you find yourself stuck with an issue, we have an extensive library of online self-help aids and tutorials; furthermore, our support staff is on hand 7 days a week to assist you if you wish to speak to a real human!

What are your payment terms?

Monthly or annually. We offer discounts for annual and group plans.

Vacation Rental Management System

Is there a setup fee?

Our plans are based on a flat monthly subscription; however, there are some cases where a one-time setup fee can be incurred: Enterprise plans may incur development or setup fees depending on your requirements. Website Design plans require an initial charge for the development of your website, as listed in the Website Design price list. Integration of the Vairt booking engine into a website that is not part of a Vairt Website Design plan incurs a setup fee. Any customization of your plan (for example, the addition of a module not included in the base plan) may incur setup fees.

What do you mean by no booking fees or commissions? What’s the catch?

We don’t believe in charging our clients for doing well. That’s why we do not add any per booking/transaction fees or commissions to your monthly subscription. No booking fees. No commissions. No catch.

Can I get Vairt PMS without a Website Design plan?

If you’re very happy with your website and don’t want to change it, yes. Vairt PMS comes with a cutting edge, mobile and SEO-friendly online booking system that comes fully integrated into Vairt PMS Vacation Rental Websites, but it is also possible to integrate it with the look-and-feel of your existing website (this option comes with a one-time setup fee).

Can I get the Channel Manager plan on its own?

Yes, as long as you subscribe to a minimum of 3 channel connections (ICAL does not count). However, we really recommend getting a Vairt PMS Vacation Rental Management System plan to go with the channel manager, since it will allow you to manage reservations coming in from synchronized portals and much more.

Channel Manager

Why do I need a channel manager?

Eliminate the risk of overbooking, manual errors to save A LOT of time and make more bookings. You can advertise your properties globally.

Do I need to create accounts with the listing sites?

Yes, with most listing sites you need to, so they can sign a contract directly with your company and you can receive funds in your company bank account.

I already have well-positioned accounts! Can I connect them?

No problem, sync and manage them automatically from your new Vairt account, ranking won’t change (well... you may actually go higher up in the rankings, given they will now consider you a tech-enabled Business!!)

Do I need to accept all bookings coming from the Channel Manager?

Yes, almost all listing sites work on Instant Booking. There are however a couple of sites that work on request too.