10 Ways to Organically Grow Your Referral Network

Referral Marketing
Thursday July 18, 2019

10 Ways to Organically Grow Your Referral Network

We are going to discuss 10 ways to organically grow a referral network.

1: Set expectations for the process:

To set yourself apart from other agents you have to communicate very clearly and in a very effective way with your clients who are experiencing this service for the very first time. You have to describe to them what to expect thoroughly the process and how is it going to be done making them feel secure in dealing with you.

2: practice total honesty:

Dishonesty always brings you to failure and ruins your reputation. So always try to give a true statement to your clients, it doesn’t matter if it is uncomfortable or comfortable for them, just you have to make them feel secure by telling them their wrong and right.  It will develop your reputation as a trustworthy professional in the market.

3: prioritize clients not commission:

Treat your clients in the same way. Treat a starter small homebuyer the same as you treat a luxury homebuyer. Look for the comfort zone of your client instead of commission. Give him the best choices you have for the client according to his budget.

4: Remember special occasions:

Enter information like birthdays, anniversaries, and where their children are in school to your CRM, and don’t forget to send a card through email or send a message of wishes to them. By wishing them on these special occasions you will become a part of their life and whenever they will need a real estate agent service, you will be counted as their priority. They will recommend it to their neighbors and friends too.

5: Engage in social media:

By connecting on social media you can stay informed about your client’s life and what is going on in their lives. Keep following and connecting as a friend on your client’s account and become a part of their life. Get to know when they need you or when they need to buy or sell any properties.

6: host client appreciation events:

Try to gather your valued clients at any barbecue party or invite them to your neighbors’ pub or a springtime brunch. These all are affordable and simple opportunities to invite and connect with your client more deeply.

7: show you care:

Be sincere and kind towards your clients, give them true services and offer them honestly. Give them opportunities meaningful for them. Surprise and deli your clients.

8: contribute to your community:

Try to serve the community and the people around you. Find more ways to become a referral magnet among the people with you live with. Host a community clean-up day or volunteer at the local school. Show your passion towards your community and try to be a prominent person in your community. Connecting people this way will bring you, clients.

9: Maintain your online presence:

Try to stay always online on your social media account and keep updated about your work and progress. It will keep you in people’s minds.

10: Take pride in your work:

You are not a salesperson so don’t bother people. Be confident in your work as a service provider. Trust yourself and give value to yourself. The more you give value to yourself, the more people will trust you.

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