5 Examples of Real Estate Ads for Facebook

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Saturday September 14, 2019

5 Examples of Real Estate Ads for Facebook

What’s the basis of Real Estate Ads for Facebook ?

It is to promote the word about your services, business, or product. Ads promote the understandings about your offerings.

Ads are a priceless tool to spread information and understanding about your services and products you provide or the houses you are willing to sell in the sphere of real estate. Online advertising has become more useful and important for the buyers (almost 50% of them) who find their homes on the internet.

The question that is raised it that how can you use ads to promote awareness for your business?

Real Estate Ad

Real Estate ads are used to spread real estate brokers and real estate agencies. They can be in different forms. For instance; image, text, and video. And all of them have the same motive: to get the word out about your profession.

Productive ads, containing Facebook ads, should:

  • Be applicable
  • Be visual
  • Contains a value statement
  • Have a clear call-to-action

Here we introduce some of the best real estate ads. In addition, we will descend into what makes them so special.

Real Estate Ad Examples

Facebook Real Estate Ad from Realtor.com

Source: Realtor.com

This ad’s aim is to promote the realtor is a peak real estate representative in the area and a local expert. The visual is understandable and confusion-free. Even the call-to-action is “Let me help find your dream home!”

Facebook Real Estate Ad from Zephyr Real Estate

Source: The Registry

Real Estate representatives can do allotment of their listings by just using the Facebook ads. This ad is from a Zephyr Real Estate representative spreads the listing details, a bright photo of the house, and a call-to-action to check out the house.

Video Real Estate Ad from Windermere Real Estate


Windermere Real Estate produced cinematic and accurate commercials that focused on their tagline; Compendious for you. They spot how their representatives go above and beyond to give their customers the best service.

Video Real Estate Ad from Redfin


This video ad of Redfin is sugary and little, as well as it uses the humor to catch the attention of the audience. This ad speaks about the key spots of Redfin’s services and why should people perform with them.

Print Real Estate Ad from Corcoran

Source: Corcoran

Corcoran’s Live Who You Are Campaign involves a series of high standard prints. The campaign had its own hashtag, #livewhoyouare, so people could easily fix in the conversation.

You can easily approach new contacts and acquire more customer, with productive and effective real estate ads.

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