Benefits of Real Estate Tokenizatoin and Blockchain

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Friday May 3, 2019

Benefits of Real Estate Tokenizatoin and Blockchain

Benefits of real estate tokenizatoin with the development of technology-based platforms, every business around the world has been transformed. Things that took days to resolve now only take seconds. Same is the case for real estate industry as it is one of those businesses which have taken the most advantages of the modern era. And benefits of real estate tokenizatoin involves Development of crowdfunding platforms, security tokens, smart contracts, and blockchain, etc. Have replaced the time-consuming processes with fast and secure methods and made it easier for everyone to invest. So, in this article, we will discuss tokenization. Which is a revolutionary aspect of the modern-day real estate and its benefits for the industry.

Real Estate Tokenization

Real estate tokenization is the process of generating digital tokens for the representation of the ownership of a real estate asset. The person who invests in a property share gets a digital token that represents his ownership of that particular share. Importantly, the token can also be purchased and traded in a secondary market allowing the buyer to take part in cash flow. And asset appreciation procedures as well. Real estate tokenization has proved itself to be the future of the real estate industry. Because it has increased the speed of real estate operations and brought more transparency into the industry.


Tokenization brings many benefits into the Real Estate Business making it easier for everyone to become a real estate investor. As blockchain is the backbone of all the real estate related to the technological advancements, and the transparency of the industry is automatically increased. Moreover, the record of every transaction is stored on the blockchain, so which lets the data to be kept in millions of computers around the world because of its decentralized system and so its immutability doesn’t let the information to be hacked or altered by anyone except the parties involved. If someone tries to give a single token to multiple individuals, blockchain’s security would show the exact history of the token’s ownership preventing anyone to sell or buy it on a false basis.

Tokenization also increases the liquidity of the real estate investments as it allows everyone to become real estate owners. Therefore everyone can be the fractional owner of a real estate because the entry costs are lower than ever eliminating the requirement of a large sum of money to start investing. Blockchain-based smart contracts have automated real estate processes. And every necessary requirement to finalize a deal can now be fulfilled online as the tokens contain built-in compliance.

Vairt Platform

Vairt is a crowdfunding platform for tokenization and liquidation of the real estate assets through blockchain. And all-in-one solution for property handlers to efficiently manage their properties. We offer transparent access to projects which will generate enough income to not only cover your expenses but also enable you to save for your future as well.

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