Blockchain Real Estate Technology
Monday July 29, 2019

A New Time for the Real Estate Industry: The Blockchain and Professional Services

Innovation is the partner of the land business, as far as improving client administration and…

Blockchain Business Business Deal Investment
Tuesday July 16, 2019

Top tech patterns molding the eventual fate of land

Blockchain Blockchain makes it feasible for individuals and organizations to process real exchanges without experiencing…

Blockchain Real Estate
Thursday June 20, 2019

Real Estate and Blockchain

Several blockchain real estate startups have emerged over the last few years. Each intends to…

Blockchain solving real estate issues Blockchain Real Estate
Friday May 31, 2019

How Blockchain is Solving Problems of the Real Estate Business

Blockchain technology has come up as the game changer for the real estate industry. With…

Real Estate Market Blockchain Real Estate Real Estate Marketing Real Estate Technology
Wednesday May 8, 2019

What is Real Estate Market and Blockchain Technology

Real Estate Market is very secure way to invest in. Before starting to invest in…

real estate tokenization Blockchain Real Estate Real Estate Technology Tokenization
Friday May 3, 2019

Benefits of Real Estate Tokenizatoin and Blockchain

Benefits of real estate tokenizatoin with the development of technology-based platforms, every business around the…

Asset Management and Blockchain Asset Management Blockchain
Thursday May 2, 2019

Asset Management through Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has played a vital role in the modernization of every business around the…

Blockchain Real Estate Technology Transparency
Wednesday April 24, 2019

Innovations in Real Estate Industry | Blockchain Tech

Technology is changing the ways most businesses in the world are conducted and it would…

Blockchain Real Estate Technology Tokenization
Tuesday April 16, 2019

Security Tokens in Real Estate Market | Block Chain Tech

Technology has played a key role in revolutionizing the real estate business. Traditional methods are…

crowdfunding Blockchain Crowdfunding Real Estate Investment
Friday April 5, 2019

Crowdfunding: A completely new way to Invest in Real Estate

Introduction to Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding is a modern and exciting way to raise funds. It is…

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