Every Software Tool you Need Getting Started As A Real Estate Agent


This is a digital age and information age. Now the Data is a more valuable asset in the world. Your business is dependent on the database.

You can measure your business success through the database, the database is your biggest asset, it is difficult to leave it in excel.

CRM(Customer Relationship Management) tool will help you to organize your contacts and leads information. Most People asked what is the best CRM for real estate agents.

Good Realestate CRM has the following features:

  • Property Management System
  • Client Relationship Management System
  • Leads Management System
  • Deals Management System
  • Accounts
  • Portals Syndications

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Document Storage

You need to store your documents online, so you can access documents from anywhere, and its relatively safe.

And organize your contacts, this help save you time and headaches, its easy to track documents in future.

You need to keep your files online, there are a lot of options for cloud document storage.

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Its digital age, you need e-signature tool, and it is very important, You can invite sellers and buyers to sign the contract online, its save your time.

Most of CRM provide you this feature,

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Hire accountant, if you have not already because taxes are complex, and mileage deduction, Schedule C income, LLCs organization are difficult to manage, these things are also important.

Use Any accounting software that can track your profit and loss as an agent. Accounting software helps you to manage rents, commissions, bank accounts, expenses, profits, you can also ger report about every listing, deal, and lead. Use Vairt Accounting Tool its simple, cheap and you can get others system free of cost with accounting like listing, deal, leads manager and E-signature tool.

Real Estate Transection Management System

Why Real Estate Transaction Platform?

Secure storage & wire fraud protection
  • DocuSign interface replaces printing, signing, and scanning documents. The tool is fully integrated with our Transaction Management Platform and can be used without additional charges. No separate log in to DocuSign is needed.
  • Documents and disclosures are accessible only by the parties involved in the transaction.
  • All users activity is immutably timestamped.
Automated workflow & instant reminders for the next steps
  • Automated process for agents, transaction coordinators, escrow/ title agents, lawyers.
  • Automated email & SMS reminders.
  • Full transparency and instant notifications throughout the deal flow.
  • The statistic is available for brokerages and agents.
Flexible payment gateway
  • Bank transfers.
  • Payments accepted in traditional or cryptocurrencies.

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Task Manager

Use task manager tool, and manage your day to day tasks, through this tool you can assign a task to someone and select due date and time, you can create flow of these tasks, you can change status of these tasks

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MLS Multiple Listing Service

Through Vairt MLS tool you can publish your property on multiple portals with a single click, and you can manage this property from one place