Facts, Fictions, and How We Talk About the End of the World Online

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Muhammad Hassan
Published: Wednesday July 31, 2019

We’ve been covering some really dim topic on Brand watch React as of late. We just took a gander at all the things and businesses being stepped out by lethal twenty to thirty year olds (heartbroken, pet nourishment and dairy). And after that we analysed how the manner in which we talk about death coordinates with genuine reasons for death (it doesn’t – there is a huge disengage between what we stress over on the web and what will in all probability slaughter us). Things being what they are, we thought, why not go for a trifecta of discouraging subjects? Why not take a gander toward the apocalypse?

Some foundation I’ve had a Brandwatch Analytics inquiry running for a long time that grabs open online notices of the end times, Armageddon, and the apocalypse. I realized that one day I would investigate it appropriately, to perceive what individuals were discussing (both dependent on mainstream anecdotal stories and grounded in science). What’s more, today that day came. Along these lines, I took my two years worth of notices (1,081,146 aggregate, assembled between May 2017 and May 2019), and I began to part them out.

In what capacity will the world end? To break out the information, I saw what was ascending inside theme mists to see the principle drivers of discussion, just as scanning for mainstream hypotheses and tropes around the apocalypse. My expectation wasn’t really to discover what individuals thought would cause the apocalypse, since there’s such a great amount of visit about repulsiveness and science fiction stories (American Horror Story’s latest season is actually called ‘End times’). Be that as it may, I was quick to perceive how progressively logical speculations blended with the enchanted.


Zombies, zombies, zombies As should be obvious, zombies command. In case we’re not discussing them in The Walking Dead, we’re discussing how we may get ready for a zombie end of the world and who we’d need in our group of survivors. On the off chance that you thought the ghastliness class had crushed each and every drop of cinema life out of zombies (play on words planned), you may be mixed up. Enthusiasm for zombies is as yet going solid.


I’m putting the two robots and outsiders under the fiction pennant essentially in light of the fact that robot uprisings and outsider intrusions (for the present) dwell in the science fiction sort. Inside the robot discussion, the show West world (including mechanical people that are, well, extremely human) just as Elon Musk (who’s had a great deal to state here) were both key subjects. Then, I found a ton of discussion on whether a ‘mechanical end of the world’ is or isn’t near. There’s a lot of substance like the accompanying, which disparages mechanical advances. So, there’s additionally an enormous measure of dread both around the developing insight of machines and their capacity to evacuate the requirement for people in various territories of the work power.


Proceeding onward to outsiders, I was intrigued to see that discussion around outsiders and the end of the world had the most noteworthy extent of prattle on online journals and gatherings where there’s a tremendous measure of talk around science fiction


This segment is about discussion that relates more to this present reality (as in, there’s less babble about Doctor Who, West world, and the Walking Dead).

Atomic war

The biggest spike as a rule discussion around this was in August 2017, when heaps of individuals were examining the connection among America and North Korea. Numbers have by and large dropped all the more as of late, in spite of the fact that it remains an entirely reliable point.

Man-made ecological fiasco

This point has seen a monstrous lift over the most recent few months, and with such huge numbers of dissents going on around the globe it’s actually nothing unexpected. There are many, numerous angles to this theme (it could be a blog entry in itself) so I’ll spare that for some other time.

Governmental issues and legislators

In a politically charged condition, I anticipated that political figures and philosophies should make up a piece of this discussion, yet I was astounded by the volume.

In any case, it’s the US governmental issues that overwhelm the end of the world discussions in examination.


The ‘apocalypse’ discussion is a genuine blend of imagination and current issues, stirred up with a great deal of metaphor. There’s no genuine upward pattern in notices of a coming end of the world in this way, if human prattle is anything to pass by, there’s no compelling reason to freeze.

All things considered, with genuine issues like computerization and environmental change and political grinding not leaving at any point in the near future, maybe my Brandwatch Signal for spikes in ‘apocalypse’ notice volume will begin topping off my inbox inescapably.

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Guide to Introduce yourself with the Vairt Real Estate Investment Platform

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Guide to Introduce yourself with the Vairt Real Estate Investment Platform

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