How 7 Leading Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms Make Their Mark

In Past, Investing in Residential Real Estate was limited and Guarded with High Amount. Now Crowdfunding Websites Connect Residential Real Estate Projects with Private Parties.

Residential Real Estate Crowdfunding websites Typical:

  • Crowdfunding websites provide Secure and Vetting Process for Residential Real Estate Projects
  • And Properties for investments
  • Provide Market Statistics, Daily Reporting and 24/7 access to view investment Progress
  • Provide Customer Service and advice to investors
  • Investor Minimums

How Crowdfunding Platforms are Different from traditional Investment. What they offer in Residential Real Estate and the investor Requirement, Let’s Compare 7 leading platform in the crowdfunding space.


Vairt allows investors, globally, the ability to efficiently invest and fundraise for residential income generating properties offerings without the complications and excessive costs of securities registration. The earned passive income can be used to invest in further properties or cash out as a passive income.

Vairt is a crowdfunding platform for investing, tokenizing and liquidating real estate assets through block chain and all in one solution for Property Management, Real Estate & Vacation Home Management companies to manage, market and deliver a completely exceptional experience for their customers.

The platform and underlying technology are designed to allow a vibrant ecosystem of investors, property manager and opportunities to emerge and share in mutually beneficial transactions. Users will be able to credit their platform wallets with Digital/Fiat Currency and then purchase fractional ownership in properties using timeshare concept on the platform.

User wallets will begin to accrue passive income from day one of the investments using property-specific smart contracts. Vairt is an ERC 1400 smart-contracts governed ecosystem and funding platform focused on using the functionality of blockchain for improved liquidity, transparency and security as well as a reduction in fees for secured real estate investments and fractional liquidation.

Crowd Street:

Crowd Street Vets the Offerings Available on its, online Marketplace. Crowdstreet have its 26-points review process, Both Investor and sponsor must meet the Crowdstreet’s selective marketplace requirements.

The Review has the following parts :

Sponsor Review:Crowdstreet check sponsor’s track record, references, UCC filings, and more.

Deal Review :Crowdstreet ensures the sponsor has a good track record in the asset class, Crowdstreet conducts due diligence on the deal by pulling comps, operating statements, rent rolls, Finally, in the Offering review phase, Crowdstreet compares the deal terms to ensure the offer is in the line market acceptability. Crowdstreet approximately reviews 400 offerings a month and clear only 3% of into its marketplace. Crowdstreet has one of the most advance Review systems. CrowdStreet classifies accepted sponsors into three categories Emerging, Seasoned, Tenured. According to their portfolio size and additional qualifications. Emerging sponsor have five years’ experience and under 100 million portfolio activity Enterprise has 15 years’ experience and 5 billion portfolio activity. The minimum investment in crowd street is $10,000 Property selections range. Examples of assets on the marketplace: senior housing, mixed-use, medical, office, and funds.


RealtyShares opportunities within the “middle market,” the section of properties priced $50 million or less. According to RealtyShares, these properties account for over 90% of the Residential Real Estate transactions happening every year. In 2017, RealtyShares users crowdfunded $235M across 18,000 investments. RealtyShares vets or clear its investment opportunities exploitation in-house specialists. Solely 10% of the recipient applications meet the platform’s expectations. Capitalist minimums begin at $10,000 for RealtyShares’s common or most popular equity and debt investment opportunities. All giving materials are conferred on behalf of North Capital personal Securities, a registered dealer. Its quality management team monitors every individual asset’s performance and takes action on the investors’ behalf to make sure the deal is executed as planned.

small change

A small change has its approach to vetting its investment opportunities. Where other crowdfunding platform focuses on IRR and making investor money. Small change focus on making the community better. Its change the index of the project and its also evaluates the project's impact on the surrounding area. Data points include public transit access, proximity to green space, availability of commercial and cultural amenities, and other quality of life data points. Properties available on small change impact a community’s mobility and economic vitality. Project include affordable housing, building reuse, underserved communities. A small change has no joining fee. Small change offers are open to anyone, but some investments are accredited investors only. Minimum investment amounts vary according to the project.

Equity Multiple

Equity Multiple is backed by Mission Capital, a national real estate capital market firm. EquityMultiple has opportunities in asset classes like multifamily, student housing, office, and hospitality. Equitymulitple suits to accredited investors who looking to diversify across property types markets, and risk/return profiles. Equity multiple offer syndicated debt, preferred equity, and high-upside equity investments. Its review process selects less than five percent of potential projects. EquityMutiple works with national and regional lenders. Sponsors must have a proven and successful track record, while projects must offer current cash flow, value-add construction components, or preferred equity investments. To date, EquityMultiple has closed over $700 million in real estate deals.


Realtymogul focus on its review process. They spend over $1 million annually on market data and tech for vetting investment properties. RealtyMogul review process includes in the person site visit. RealtyMogul focus on those properties having well-pleased with proves cash flow. Realtymogul Provide 24/7 consumer service, investment specialists answer any question about the properties available on realty mogul marketplace The investor dashboard gives 24/7 access to their investment status. Investors can be non-accredited, accredited, or institutional. Choose from debt or equity. Pre-vetted investment opportunities start for as little as $1,000. Similar to other crowdfunding platforms, the documentation process is completely online.


Fundrise provides the lowest access point for investors, investment starting from $500 with a 90-day test run. An investor can upgrade their plan by investing $1000 on the platform Fundrise offers three investment plans tailored to different investor needs: supplemental income, long-term growth, and balanced investing. Fundrise does charge annual fees for asset management and investment advising.Fundrise additionally claims to have the lowest project acceptance rate, Around 2 percent of the 2000 submitted projects were accepted. Fundrise uses Analytics and tech for predictions and potential projects review. Fundrise reviews the project sponsor, the market, economics, and the property. The vetting and underwriting process includes a site visit by a member of its team.

Choosing Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is very secure and it’s opening more doors in the Residential Real Estate Sector. Now Borrowers have more ways to development funding and investors have opportunity to invest in Commercial real estate, even they can invest in local Real Estate, Crowdfunding Platforms are secure and risk free, they provide transparent review of project to investors. Through Crowdfunding Residential Real Estate is accessible for everyone, from the high-net-worth Individuals or institutions to the first-time investors. As evidenced by the comparison of these platforms, Residential Real Estate is broad Spectrum means there is huge space for crowdfunding, from Residential Real Estate projects to investors.