How to Get Better Real Estate Listing Photos: Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

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Muhammad Hassan
Published: Saturday September 21, 2019
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You might have heard about the golden rule “don’t judge a book by its cover”, and it connects with the real estate business as it points towards the looks of it, the world of real estate undoubtedly missed that memo. So, making a difference in the business it is important to use quality real estate listing photos . Use high-quality equipment and capture the best photos as you can but while doing so consider what home-buyers want to see. 

Here we are providing you with our top tips and resources for the best real estate listing photos that is even recommended by professionals. 

Hire a pro

Thanks to smartphones that introduced the portrait mode so we got ready to start charging for our snaps but to get your listings, it should not be considered to use your phone to capture the images you are depending on. 

Just imagine –your photos will show up at MLS, Facebook, Zillow, your brokerage’s website, and the list could go on as they need to scream the worth. Find the best photographers in your area who know the important factors of photography so that you can count on to consistently produce the perfect images. 

Use drones

Without adding anything to illustrate the layout try posting the corner and rooms photos if you want to make a buyer top smash their head into a pillow because drone photos are the best way to capture the entire beauty of your listings. A clear photo of what an acreage looks like gives the best offers to your clients to get attracted to you. 


Invest in a Wide-Angle Lens

Famous sales representative Ivan Ciraj provides two great tips for real estate listing photos that states if you want to capture the real essence of the space just choose a wide-angle lens as it allows for wider shots and gives each detail related to that photo. The second tip he suggests is that using HDR photography when you stand out from the crowd gives you further direction on how to take real estate photos. HDR photos are when you take 3 photos of the same scene but at different shutter speed for a combination of different lighting and then these 3 of the pictured are combined together and bring out clearer details.

Use a Tripod to Get Sharp Photos in Natural Light

Famous Home and DIY Blogger Erin Spain suggest the most reliable tips for real estate photography. She suggests that taking pictures in natural light looks much more appealing and pictures taken with a tripod in natural light will look blurry and dark if you don’t have professional flash equipment. So tripods let you shoot at slower shutter speed and allows you to take the benefit of natural light. Not only that, taking photos with a tripod gives you sharp photos as well. 

Stage the Listing

For each listing you put on the market, it comes to staging and there is no greater crime than that. Every listing requires to be staged and is unique in its own different way with the specific style, decor, and theme that helps your clients envision in a potential way. Moreover, It is easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home and this is what 83% of homebuyers agents say, about staging. Not only that, when it comes to the dollar signs, staging makes a difference there as well. 

In need of some unique love and care, hiring a professional stager who can turn a neat home into a masterpiece is non-negotiable whether you are working with a brand new house or more of a fixer-upper. 

Furnish the House

Founder of Archer and Spade design agency Justin M. Riordan says that it is hard to see empty houses. Provide furniture and add light to spaces because without it, the space is just windows, floors, ceilings, or just walls. So, it is necessary to show how the space is used and you can even just stop decorating it, once you have taken care of these items because there comes a time when the decoration is no longer about the house but more about the decoration so before you get there, just stop. 


To inspire prospects to reach out by including one single photo of the front of the home is not enough, so just make sure that your photography inventory includes a wide variety of shots by finding ways to mix it up and make your real estate photos real and interesting to keep your audience engaged. 

Dedicate Several Hours for your Photoshoot

Courtier Immobilier Real Estate Broker Keller Williams Prestige says that he tend to coordinate the shoot by visiting different rooms and a proper and decent shoot surely takes around two hours for a 3ksq ft house. 

Begin with Preset Editing options

Tanya Goodall Smith, Lead Photographer at WorkStory Photography states that taking professional-quality real estate photos is more simple if you begin with preset editing options in Photoshop or Light-room. 

Move Furniture to capture more Space

It is difficult to photograph an entire room at once in historical homes, apartments, or other small space so making a lot of space by moving furniture around to click the perfect angle or to make pictures more universally appealing you can even move things like furniture, wires, or distracting artwork out of the frame.

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Download this Guide to Introduce yourself with the Vairt Real Estate Investment Platform

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Download this Guide to Introduce yourself with the Vairt Real Estate Investment Platform

Download Vairt Guide to Real Estate Investment Platform and Real Estate Business

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