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Muhammad Hassan
Published: Friday October 21, 2022
Real Estate

Real estate could be the highest-returning asset in your investment portfolio. Over the decades of evolution now real estate become one of the best opportunities to invest. Real estate can give you a high return if you invest in this in a most right way. But the real question is, how to invest in real estate? It involves a number of risks & many other factors. What comes to your mind when you think of investing in real estate? A house, a shop, or a piece of land? But it is not only about this. You can invest in the real estate sector in many ways. Buying a house or piece of land is a pretty big deal. And of course, most of us can’t afford it. But there are a variety of opportunities to invest in real estate other than buying a whole property. In this article, I’m gonna tell you how you can invest in the real estate sector & what are the different ways to invest in real estate are according to your investment budget.

Different ways to invest in real estate

There are different ways to invest in real estate from owning a rental property to flipping properties. And even if you have a small amount of investment & can’t buy the whole property you can invest in Real estate investment groups or Real estate investment trusts and easily get your return on investment. Here we gonna discuss in detail how you can invest in real estate in different ways.

1. Real estate investment trusts – ( REIT )

First, we will discuss Real estate investment trusts. If you haven’t a large investment and you can’t purchase a physical property, or you just want to get exposure in real estate, or you want to avoid the risk of buying the whole property then it is one of the best options out there.

REIT operates in different ways. They are real estate ventures, and you can understand them in a comparison of mutual funds. REITs are public companies, like mutual funds that hold a pool of assets that includes different real estate & development programs. If you want to invest, you have to purchase shares & you will get the return on investment by the income that those assets will generate.

REITs are usually high returning for a few reasons. They don’t have to pay corporate taxes so the return on investment is higher than any other investment. They are mostly public ventures focused on specific kinds of real estate. And trade on public stock exchanges which makes them liquid assets. Like any other company, you can buy shares through any brokerage firm. Furthermore, there’s an interesting option for you. With a minimal amount of capital, you can invest in REITs by buying fractional shares of exchange-traded funds of REITs through many apps out there like Baraka, Robinhood, wealth Front, Yahoo Finance, and many more.

2. Real estate limited partnerships – ( RELP )

Real estate limited partnerships allow you to mutually invest & hold different properties or real estate development. Like REITs, Real estate limited partnerships also pool the money from different investors but it works differently. They are like private ventures that requires usually high investments.

RELPs is not a part of the public stock exchange. They are actually private partnerships between investors and eventually perform like a company. These kinds of partnerships last up to 10 years, in which different investors pool their capital for a group of real estate assets & development programs. They perform like a small business, with a business plan, purchasing different properties, developing, & finally flipping or selling them for a high return on investment.

This whole process of Real Estate limited partnerships is happening on a large scale & requires high investment & the return on investment period lasts up to 10 years. The minimum amount required for RELP is $4000 or above. The investments even range to millions of dollars according to the value of properties. But these partnerships are highly beneficial & highly returning.

3. Crowdfunding Real Estate Platforms

Crowdfunding Real Estate Platforms could be the best option out there if you don’t have a big investment, or you can’t afford to buy a whole property. They function as an online marketplace & provide a platform to investors & real estate developers. They usually used to raise investment from a large number of people for real estate development projects. Investors hold a percentage of equity in return on investment. 

Crowdfunding real estate platforms are different from REITs in a way that your raised money is not invested in a pool of assets, but in a specific real estate project. The minimum amount requires to invest in crowdfunding real estate platforms ranges from $500-$2000. Although you can start from low capital, but there’s a drawbacks in some cases. On some platforms, you have to be an accredited investor, which means you have to hold an asset above 1 million dollars. But still, there are many platforms where you can invest with a minimum amount of $500 without any requirement. Some of the platforms for crowdfunding are Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowd Supply, Experiment, Chuffed, and many more.

4. Rental Properties 

If you want to invest high capital in real estate, then you should buy properties that can yield rent. Buying a rental property would be the most beneficial & returning asset in your real estate investment portfolio. It will generate fixed steady capital for you & also its price will hike over the time. 

No doubt, rental properties are one of the high-returning investing options in the real estate sector, they are steady capital-producing assets that make passive income for you & over the time you can sell them and earn your profit. Even so, there are pros & cons to this. These properties hold huge investment capital, no doubt prices of these properties increase, but it is very slow & the hike in price balance the inflation. You should have to do a deep market analysis before purchasing any property. You should buy that property which could bring you more profit than the inflation ratio. 

When you own property, you have to pay taxes also. One of the drawbacks of owning a rental property is that there should be maintenance issues, which will consume you time and money, both. Of course, you can hire a property management company for this, but this will decrease your return.

Still, rental properties are a highly profitable investment in real estate. You just have to keep in mind these pros & cons. Just do a deep market analysis. This would be a great addition to your investment portfolio.

5. Flipping Properties 

Flipping real estate properties is a great way to generate high capital in a short period of time. This is not only an investment, but it is a smart strategy to earn money in a very short period of time. But this needs high investment. You buy a property, renovate it & upsell it at a high cost and eventually earn a high profit from it.

It involves high risks, high investment, deep analysis of the market, smart strategy, market predictability & many other unexpected factors. You have to rely on many partners like contractors, renovators, legal agents, and accountants. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have fantasized about property flipping as the easiest way to earn a high profit. Yet you can earn high capital in a short time, but it isn’t simple & easy as you may think. You may suffer unexpected problems & you have to deal with them without causing loss. There would be a number of factors that would affect the price of the property, like neighborhood & trends in the market. 

Still, you can gain high profits than any other investment in a very short period. But you have to play smartly. Imply the best strategy, study the trends in the market, buy properties at the right & renovate them in the most right way. You may have to cope with unexpected things during the process. Don’t make the decisions in panic, it may cause loss. Wait & move wisely. After all of this, there are still many unexpected risks. If you have a high investment, and the ability to play smartly, I would highly recommend you to try out this smart strategy and gain your highest return on investment.

6. Investing In your Own Home

Last but not least is investing in residential real estate.  Owning a home is the dream of many Americans. Investing in your own residence is the most common form of investment people made in real estate. But the average return on investment could be pretty low. The average return on investment in residential real estate is up to 4% annually.

 Investing in your primary residence is a long-term investment & an annual increase in prices is pretty low. While in some developing areas of the country, the return on investment could be high. If you are looking for long-term investment, then residential real estate is a good option for you. 

Bottom Line

Real estate should be in definite proportion to your investment portfolio. It diversifies your investment by forming a good combination of long & short-term returns on investments. Almost every billionaire invested a significant proportion of his wealth in real estate, so why shouldn’t you? You can invest in real estate for both the long & short term.

Real estate is a changing market, but you can’t say it is unpredictable. You just have to keep your eyes on market trends & let real estate make money for you. One thing I like about real estate investment is that it provides you a diversified kind of options. Like, if you want to invest small capital with low risk & get your return in a short period, you can go with REITs. If you don’t fear taking risks & want to gain big returns in a short period, then you can go with flipping properties. But if you want to hold your wealth in form of real estate for the long term & get a return on it, you can invest in residential real estate & buying your own property. Furthermore, there is a lot of option out there in the real estate market waiting for you. Like rental properties that not only give you a good return on investment but also provide you with a monthly or steady cash flow. It’s up to you, how you want to invest, but real estate should be in your investment portfolio.

Now that you have a better understanding of different ways of Real Estate Investments. It’s time to evaluate and prepare to find the Best Real Estate Investment Platform to get started in the Real Estate industry.

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Vairt Guide on How to Start Investing in Real Estate

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Vairt Guide on How to Start Investing in Real Estate

Get a step by step checklist to Start Investing in Real Estate

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