Tips for Real Estate Agents: How to Remodel Kitchen before selling a house

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Muhammad Hassan
Published: Friday September 27, 2019
Remodel Kitchen

How to Re-model your kitchen

When you are deciding to remodel kitchen before selling a house and you have no idea where to start then we have some best tips for you right over here. Most of the real estate agents start by kitchen appliances while many of them go for the kitchen photos and some of the real estate agents decide that they need more room or they simply want to upgrade their current kitchen. Most of the real estate agents find themselves in this assessment before they start looking up for general contractors or kitchen designers.

So you are ready to green-light the kitchen and have pondered long enough and couldn’t decide what to do next? Don’t worry because here we have the top tips for you in this article about how to remodel kitchen before selling a house.

1. Think about what you need in the kitchen remodel

This major step is about figuring out the features that are perfect for the household’s style. To remodel the kitchen before selling a house, think about the priorities and ask yourself a few of these questions; “How many people will be cooking there?”, “Can you work with the existing kitchen footprint or do you need an addition?”, and if you have not asked yourself these questions yet, then start saving the pictures of kitchen with the features that suits the demands of the buyers because when your collection will be organized like a scrapbook then it will benefit you in the best ways. What I do is, save the best randomly stuff pictures into my galley and idea books and edit them later.

2. Research and Plan

When you are ready to green-light that project then the best start is to formulate what is usually referred by the buyers according to the scope of work and your budget. Don’t feel as though you have only one chance at this because both of these may be subject to change and the scope and budget are tangled.

During the kitchen process, the scope changes as you learn more about it so you are able to reconcile what buyers want and can afford. You are not expected to walk into this knowing what everything should cost, as a real estate agent so don’t forget that this process is educational and you learn through this.

3. Find the Professionals you will need

You’d require a professional at some point in remodeling a kitchen unless you are building your own kitchen cabinets. Some real estate agents start to remodel the kitchen by going to a kitchen designer and some of the real estate agents hire an interior designer or an architect but few of the agents work on their own because pros are available to help you with everything from start to finish.

4. Settle on a Schematic Design

This part shows the cabinet sizes and layout that includes space planning, sketches, and floor plans. Though the attraction is to be concerned about how the kitchen will look like, I still try to keep my customers more focused on space planning and layouts. But not only that, but you are also required to plan to find out what materials will go where and how much every material will cost.

Try to begin the interview process with the contractor early so you can easily get some ballpark construction numbers and at the same time to estimate, you can be sending out drawings on some top choices of kitchen fixtures and finishes.

5. Specify Finishes and fixtures

Now you have been saving the photos of kitchen you love in your idea book throughout this process and might have found the kitchen style for remodeling the kitchen whether its classic, cottage, modern, traditional, or even a personal style in between but you possibly know if you need to make it a natural wood kitchen a white kitchen, or some color.

Then you need to make the final selection for the fixtures and finishes that may involve:

  • Kitchen sinks
  • Refrigerators and other appliances
  • Cabinetry construction type, finish, door style, and color
  • Flooring
  • Light fixtures
  • Decorative hardware
  • Back-splash

6. Work on Design Development and Construction Documents

This is when you finalize your plans and permit set or construction drawings come into play and it is important to have fixtures and finishes selected at the same time because this is what will be considered in the final pricing so you will submit drawings for permit. Check the time for all these processes for the local village because these have lead time. To finalize the paperwork you will need to sign up for an architect, designer or contractor.

7. Get Contractor Estimates

Being the real estate agent, your next step is to find one to carry the project through if you don’t already have a licensed contractor for the project and I always suggest my customers to get three contractor estimates.

8. Get through the Punch List

There is a list of missing items once the construction is almost over that is being wrong or simply forgotten that involves small things like a missing light switch plate or a chalk line that pulled away from the paint touch-ups but sometimes the things can be bigger as a faulty range hood or a scratch in the furnished floor. To finish these items it is predictable that the contractor may have to make multiple visits so just prepare yourself for more than once visit.

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As Real Estate Agent Read this Guide to Retire as a Millionaire

Vairt Guide for Real Estate Agent to Retire as Millionaire

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As Real Estate Agent Read this Guide to Retire as a Millionaire

Vairt Guide for Real Estate Agent to Retire as Millionaire

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