How To Use A CRM To Get More Real Estate Leads

What is CRM System and Why is it important

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Muhammad Hassan
Published: Thursday July 25, 2019
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“A CRM does more than you keep you organized and in touch with current clients.”

If you’re in real estate, you’re likely harvesting leads for your listings from all over. There are tons of third-party portals, social media accounts, and even referrals from family and friends that you need to keep track of, follow up on, and convert.

In 2019, if you are not using a customer relationship management system (CRM), to stay organized and in touch with your leads from beginning to end, you’re letting valuable sales slip through the cracks. CRMs do everything from automatically generating welcome emails for new leads to helping you prioritize which leads are nearest to closing.

That’s part of the reason why CRM is the fastest growing software market, with revenues expected to reach over $40 billion this year. 

But a good CRM does more than just keeping you on top of your current real estate leads –it also helps you generate more leads and create new business.

CRMs have a ton of fancy things to distract you with. But these fancy feature are not what will pay your bills. You need to choose a real estate CRM that will actually use to stay in touch with people.

A list of the best real estate CRM programs is great, but knowing how to use it is even better!

In order to get new real estate leads from your CRM, you need to learn how to use your platform effectively. Here are a few ways you can use all the data at your fingertips to create new avenues for sales and success.

Capture third-party portal leads right away

When does a lead become lead? Thanks to third-party sites like Zillow and Realtor, you can get in touch with potential leads and create a relationship right away, even without them visiting your website or you getting them on the phone first.

If a customer is browsing a site like Zillow, opening up multiple listings in a bunch of tabs, and filling out forms looking to get in touch with whatever realtor responds to them first, it’s crucial that you jump on getting their attention quickly. With a CRM, anytime someone provide their contact information in a third-party form, you can automatically send them a response email that lets them know you’re aware of their interest and ready to help them.

An instant response can be the difference between retaining a potential lead’s interest or losing them to a competitor or waning interest. Capture them early and you can follow up with a more personalized, in-depth response later, setting up a call to cultivate the relationship.

Get help with your relationship marketing

Relationship marketing is when your company works to create a connection to the customer that goes beyond “agent-buyer.” It fosters and emotional bond, which is the kind of thing that gets a customer to wear a shirt with your company’s name on it, or associates your company –or perhaps the people who work there –with positive, nostalgic memories.

When you build a positive relationship with the client, you’ll reap benefits in the form of two of the best forms of business: repeat customers, of course, but also referrals. What is more powerful than a personal referral from a friend or family member? Nielsen says people are four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend.

For your agency to successfully market the relationship  you can build with potential real estate leads, you need to stay on top of your correspondence. A CRM that can automate responses to the actions of potential leads –returning to a page they have visited in the past, or filling out a form on a third-party site –helps you appear engaged and ready to help them close on a deal, without you doing well, much of anything.

That’s not to say your relationship with your customer is not genuine. But when you are juggling so many different leads and deals, not needing to manually check in with your leads every time they interact with your site goes a long way in creating the kind of bond that engenders referrals.

Set up more effective drip marketing campaigns

A drip marketing campaign is a set of emails that are automatically sent out based on the actions of potential leads.

Rather than just sending out a broadcast email with generic information to every new client or newsletter subscriber, your emails can be targeted so they respond to specific actions someone has taken on your page. And they are part of an already written list of emails –no new content needed on your end.

Has a potential real estate lead visited a certain listing page over and over, but never pulled the trigger or contacting you? Have they explored your monthly newsletter but never clicked on any of the content? You can have follow-up emails that address their specific actions sent over to capitalize on their reticence to become more than a lurker, but a lead.

These “drips” of emails will keep you and your listings top-of-mind. Your CRM will essentially do this work for you, so you can focus on the act of selling and meeting clients until your lead moves to the next stage that requires you to take action.

This way, you’ll be following “The Law of 29” without having to craft and send out 29 personalized emails yourself.

A CRM more than keep you organized and in touch with current clients. It also generates new real estate leads that can create a cascade of repeat and new business for months and years to come. Take the guesswork and manual labor out of the picture with automated software from any number of reputable CRM platforms.

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What is CRM System and Why is it important

Vairt Guide to CRM System and it's Important

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What is CRM System and Why is it important

Vairt Guide to CRM System and it's Important

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