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Published: Wednesday September 18, 2019
Real Estate Selling

To all your selling woes, sales automation might be the only answer. Have you ever forgot to follow up and lost a deal? Rather than best fit, called leads in alphabetical order? Spent your precious time adding leads to your CRM? Then you need sales automation if you can find yourself in any of these issues.

What is Sales Automation?

On a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, this software takes the manual, managers, time-consuming tasks sales representatives, and leaders to automate them. Not only this, but it also accelerates your sales process and improves accuracy.

The danger of sales automation

Sales automation can be excessive of a good thing like anything. It is going to be completely robotic if you ever want to automate every sales process aspect. You include an irreplaceable and critical element of humanity to sales as a live person. So you have crossed into the dark side if you are blasting out automated emails.

To being pushed by this machine, the prospects don’t take kindly, so you need to beware. Your company will earn an undesirable reputation and you will never get high conversion rates with these.

Sales Automation Software for Representatives


You can set up a custom filter by using your combination of criteria if you have a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account when you are consistently running the same searches on LinkedIn. For instance; “CMO AND San Francisco”. Every day, week, or even month, you can choose to get email alerts. And then on a recurring basis, without lifting a finger you will receive a prequalified list of prospects. You don’t need to be worried about seeing the same names again and again because LinkedIn only sends you new profiles.

A lot of time will be freed up by just using an insights tool that remains in your email. You can see almost everything you need to send the perfect email through the Inbox Profile in HubSpot Sales that pulls details from your social media profiles, and prospect’s CRM record.

Lead Enrichment

It is an easy way to be successfully connected with your prospects and earns their trust when you have a lot of information about their company size, solutions and industry, nevertheless their responsibilities, current vendors, social media presence as well, this is where the lead enrichment tool takes part.

To give you an up-to-date and comprehensive profile of your prospect, you need to gather this knowledge from hundreds or thousands of data sources.

Contact and Deal Creation

Here we got you great news, if you are still adding new opportunities and contacts to your CRM, there are still many considerable ways.

Leads who meet certain criteria should be set up workflows first with your marketing software to initially edit and create records for them.

Ensure that you integrating your various lead sources at the second step with your CRM. They can be even Facebook lead Ads respondents or new email subscribers. Use Zapier if a native integration is not responding.

Email Templates

Follow up emails, prospecting, and meeting confirmation should not vary much. Personalize between 30-50% of the content to increase the response rates.

By creating email templates, avoid typing the same basic statements, pasting messages and copying the context again and again. Try to write the simple master versions of an email and save as templates. Moreover, before sending them, customize them to the specific recipient and situation.

The template feature in VAIRT Sales lets you adds details like the prospect’s name, company, and job title.

Sales Email Automation

Assuming a prospect doesn’t answer your first email even after you sent multiple emails in a row? So here the Sequence feature in VAIRT Sales exactly allows you to do that. To make your text seem human, write up an email campaign personalized to the prospect and add personalization tokens for contact and company details, then choose to have the messages and stop it at any time the prospect responds.

Meeting Schedule

Arranging a conversation with a prospect. You send them the time and date over the net and they return with a different time and date then you send over another. It is an inefficient way of dealing with a prospect and might kill your deal’s momentum.

You can go right from “Want to see a demo?” to getting a slot on the calendar with an appointment and meeting schedule tool. When a prospect is booking a meeting, VAIRT Meetings is a great option for this, since it automatically creates a record for your new clients in your CRM.

But still, there are other options like Timebridge and Calendly if you are looking for a stand-alone tool.

Sales Calls

The important part of leveling up is the self-reflection that relate and make us “be honest”. The latter choice is between listening and your last call that you always going to choose it. The bundle of thanks for new conversation intelligence tools, where you can frequently see the summaries of calls such as transcribed and analyzed.

Deal management automation

Log the conversation in your CRM, get the voicemail of the prospect, call two days later and reach them, share a follow-up email with them and log the message in your CRM.

Look for a tool that will record your meetings, emails, and calls for you. You might be getting confused reading this but automating deal-related activity is a no-brainer.

VAIRT Sales even records when a prospect opens your email or download an attachment.


Copying and pasting the relevant details from your emails and CRM are not required to draft a proposal. When you create a quote, key details like the client’s information or product details are automatically transferred through the tools like PandaDoc that integrates with your CRM. Time reminders can initially be set up so, you won’t have to pester prospects to sign. Your tool will do this for you.

The right stakeholders can sign off before it is sent to the buyer by an automated internal workflow.

Sales automation for managers


You might be spending more than an hour per day manually creating reports or attaching them to emails if you lead a sales team. But to keep representatives motivated and executives informed there is a much easier way, this is where you are required to use your CRM to create automated email reports. For instance; you could send a weekly revenue report to the director of sales and a daily stack ranking to your salespeople.

Lead Rotation

There is the danger a lead will slip through the crack when you manually assign the leads that might take your precious time and still won’t help your team hit quota. To do this job for you, use an auto-realtor. And use a round-robin style it is a free-for-all and CRM to assign leads.

Lead Scoring

Try an automated lead scoring it you feel like keeping your representatives lase focused on great offers. To determine how qualified a lead is this software uses behavioral data so the salespersons already get to know which prospects should be prioritized and it is critical to have enough knowledge that has to be the right one. There are a lot of sources to pull from data enrichment tools to email and social engagement.

You can accomplish more on a “meh” day then you used to on your best days through this software. Let the outcomes speak for themselves by using these tools.

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Download this Guide to Introduce yourself with the Vairt Real Estate Investment Platform

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Download this Guide to Introduce yourself with the Vairt Real Estate Investment Platform

Get familiar yourself with the Vairt Real Estate Investment Platform

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