The 12 Best Real Estate Blogs in 2019

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Wednesday September 18, 2019

The 12 Best Real Estate Blogs in 2019

Are you done chasing the clients and planning to begin best real estate blogs to earn Google attention and love?

Or you want to be on the top of your craft and seeking for the best way that would guide you?

I have got your back anyway!

I am going to introduce you some of the best real estate blogs that possible help both the buyers and the sellers(B2C), and that might be aligned towards our industry as well (B2B).

Vairt Real Estate Blog:

Here at Vairt we introduce few blogs by brokerages and individual agents that are marked as some of the high-ranked consumer-facing blogs. You need to look ahead if you need an example of a well-to-do blogger or getting into trouble for finding out what to blog!

I needed to know the number of monthly traffic a single blog gets, so I used SEMRush to guess the actual amount for that purpose. To estimate very low, SEMRush tends commonly for hyper-local sites, in my experience.

Maximum Real Estate Exposure

Monthly visit estimated is 60,100


Example: Top Lies Real Estate Agents Tell House Buyers to Get a Listing

Maximum Real Estate Exposure, it is a site by Bill Gasset’s, and when you look anywhere it ranks as No.1“Realtor Blog” most cited. He mostly writes for others, and not only for his own sites and is basically a prolific blogger.

His example is the first to follow if you really want to make your chops.

Rochester Real Estate Blog

Monthly Visits estimated is 14,100

Easy Agent Pro

Example; What Are The Best Mortage Options for Self Employed Borrowers?

It’s even in the name “Rochester Real Estate Blog”, that clearly shows that Kyle Hiscock takes his blogging very soberly.

The draft of their blog section is rather unique and value a look and in my sight, it is an addition to their escort of articles. It is a group of articles by seller, purchaser and the high ranked posts and is basically an elegant layout courtesy of Easy Agent Pro.

Joe Manausa Real Estate

Sierra Interactive

Monthly Visits estimated is 5100

Example: Swimming Pool Houses in the 32312 Zip Code Under 500K$

Tallahassee Real Estate Blog is a blog by Joe on his site, where he posts almost everyday a new blog post. His blogs are simple but the key to his blogs is that they all are hyperlocal. He has the best content that keeps his social accounts applicable and up-to-date because they are all about him, a new listing, his business, a neighborhood, and even of pool houses for sale. It has great content for his Florida audience.

He uses one of the best website providers names as Sierra Interactive for his site, and I have found that website to do fairly well in SEO.


Real Estate Webmasters

Monthly Visits estimated is 5700

Example: U.S. New Names Sarasota No. 1 Place to Live in Florida and No. 18 in Nation

Another creative blog and is similar to Joe Manausa’s blog topics. They report on the area and introduce many local stories certainly. So you do not even need to pop up with an actual story as mentioned in the above example about the US News rankings. You can introduce your own take on new stories instead that are mainly concerned with your area. Basically, it is an opportunity to surround it within your personal product.

The Denver Ear


Monthly Visits Estimated is 59,800

Example: Psst… 16 Things to Do in Denver This Summer


If you didn’t have a look at the Denver Ear, you really need to see it. One of the leaders of Team Denver Homes is Mor Zucker with Kentwood Real Estate. She runs a separate site from her real estate site as well.

It is all over Denver –where to eat, things to do, guides, and even events –gets a huge amount of traffic. Nevertheless, before selling and buying the houses, she even makes money from advertisers from her sites.


Custom CMS

Monthly visitors estimate is 2,900,000

Example: Gorgeous Timber home stretches vertically into the forest

Curbed is a major national publication and undoubtedly not a Real Estate Blog. It is only in a few markets. Still, it has some of the perfect content on real estate as well. Adapted to your own graphic area, this content could be useful for creating your own site

Byron Lazine

Example: Here’s what 7 of the Most Influential CEOs in Residential Real Estate Agree On.

Byron Lazine is a YouTuber/podcaster with Nicole White on the real world as well as an agent with One + Company. He also has his own blog and he is already doing almost everything too. He is worth following and almost everywhere

Example: The Future of iBuyer

Realtor Jim Klinge works at the Klinge Realty Group. Jim Klinge’s site has more than real estate blogs structures. Most of the often, Jim brings an analytical and refreshing approach while talking about the big picture mess that is going on in real estate

Now Pondering

Example: Hater’s Guide to Zillow: To Write or Not to Write, that is the question.

Before Jay Thompson was snatched by Zillow, to be the tip of their company relations, he was a legend as the “Pheonix Real Estate City”. He continues to write on his personal blog even when he is retired not only this but he still writing for publications like Inman as well.

If you want to hear from a friendly veteran of real estate and real estate technology then he is worth following

Vendor Alley

Example: The Second Coming of Rich Barton

Vendor Alley does two podcasts and is the blog of Grey Robertson. His podcasts include the Industry Relations about the real estate industry and Listing Bits about real estate technology. Moreover, she is also the founder of W+R Studios. His blogs are often updated on real estate news and undoubtedly worthwhile to be followed.

Real Estate Café

Example: Use Pi Day to explain, hack the way the real estate commission pie is sliced?

Real Estate Café is written by Bill Wendell. The aim of this blog is to “help real estate customers to save money, by binding the money-saving power of the internet.”

Bill Wendell is the realtor who offers a la carte flat fee services for the purchasers and sellers and is unconvinced of the current state of affairs in the real estate business.

His blogs speak to how Real Estate model is broken and are incisive logically.

Home blog

Example: Thoughts on the Incoming Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Realtors.

It is a real estate app for house purchasers and brokers. In their blog, they even introduce authoritative content on the industry at large.

There are pieces concerned toward your “typical” real estate content that is written by Austin Guy. This blog includes the content like how to market expires mixed in with some high level thought pieces on the business models, buyers, brokerages, and even NAR. This blog deserves a subscribe as it is the most surprising blog.

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