The 9 Best Free Email Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents

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Muhammad Hassan
Published: Wednesday September 18, 2019
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Email usage is now becoming one of the most efficient ways of communicating with people. In case you didn’t know, more than 3.7 billion people use email worldwide. Since this usage is so high, you might receive a ton of marketing emails from the business because it works even in a B2B space, in fact, over 86% of these B2B marketers depend on emails and are most likely to perceive questions if they are using email marketing efficiently for their business?

To guide you with your email marketing there are still a lot of email marketing services and some of which are usually free of costs but not every email marketing offer similar features.

You are more concerned about being a new business holder, with whether you can update your current account as your business grows or how many emails you are allowed to send or whether your emails will be delivered to your contacts consistently. In addition, you might be seeking something that does not require advanced technical skills and easy-to-use as well.

So here we have great news that we have you covered in this situation. We are providing you with the best free email marketing tools that can be easily used for your real estate business in 2019.

The 9 Best Email Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents in 2019

  • Vairt
  • SendPulse
  • MailChimp
  • Zoho Campaigns
  • Moosend
  • SendInBlue
  • Mailjet
  • Benchmark
  • MailerLite

Vairt’s Free Email Marketing Tool

Vairt proposes an efficient email marketing tool that is suitable for growing your new business. And yes! It is free. With the easy drag-and-drop, you can generate professional marketing emails that grow your audience and you don’t need to wait for any designer for help. Nevertheless, you can create fine-looking emails that your audience may love. Not only this, with just little effort, Vairt’s tool guide you to achieve unbelievable marketing results.

To craft tailored-touch points for your clients, you can use Vairt CRM for free as it ranks on top of the free email tool. You can tailor relevant emails based on any knowledge you have as it’s email is gradually connected with it’s CRM.

To ensure the contact feel like they are being personally addressed you can even include personalized content in your emails by using the CRM while tracking email activity.

Since it has never been easier to optimize your email, you will learn how to send more relevant emails to the audience by using the email reporting tools.

Send Pulse

You can create your own template using drag-and-drop functionally through Send Pulse that provides you over 130+ sample template. Including support via live chat, you will have access to Send Pulse’s support team under the free plan. To resend unopened emails with different subjects, Send Pulse provides you with a “Resend” option to resend those emails. Moreover, Web Pushes, Viber, SMTP, and more are offered by them. It has prices for all its services and that’s the best thing about Send Pulse. For instance; You can send an SMS package to your email marketing service package if you require to sends SMS.

For up to 2500 subscribers, they offer around 15,000 emails per month, which costs 9.85$ per month for emails with no limit.


MailChimp lets you access features like A/B testing, segmentation, and more and offers you a free plan for up to 2,000 subscribers to send over 12,000 emails per month. Only small and medium-sized businesses are capable of using this tool. You won’t be able to access the premium support and with free plan, MailChimp will be branding in your emails.

MailChimp integrates with e-commerce providers including Magento and WooCommerce and this is surely great news if you are an e-commerce software user. If your business uses WordPress, you will be allowed to integrate MailChimp as its content management system.

The next tier for unlimited email costs 10$ that can be sent to a maximum of 500 subscribers.

Zoho Campaigns

Depending on how quickly you are scaling, Zoho Campaign is a considerable option for small-sized businesses. You get access to different features with the Zoho Campaigns free plan including reports, A/B testing, and templates. To see how your CRM and email works together then it makes sense to check out Zoho CRM. But you need to note that even if Zoho provides different features, still most of its features have their own limitations.

For up to 2000 subscribers it offers 12,000 emails per month and costs 5$ for 500 subscribers.


If you are willing to get your feet wet in email marketing, then you are at the right place to use Moosend. But you won’t have a dedicated IP address and the maximum subscribers you can deal with will be up to 1,000.

Marketing email triggers, drag-and-drop editor and list segmentation can be accessed through Moosend but the drawback is that it doesn’t offer the CRM. Still, it can be a good start for your business only if you are willing to do solely email marketing. Moosend is has ranked high as having satisfaction scores and you will only need to pay subscribers if you are looking forward to growing your business. You will get 2K subscribers with the next upgrade of 10$.


SenInBlue might be ideal for you if your business depends on transactional emails. To achieve custom and technical processes, you will be able to integrate with their email system with their extensive developer APIs. SendInBlue has improved upon its deliverability since the service was initially known for having issues with the delivery rates.

Personalization, a vast array of templates, real-time reporting, workflow editor are easily accessed with SendInBlue free plan. Although the main interface can sometimes offer a lot of options and feel overwhelming, the software is very easy to deal with like the other tools mentioned.

For free with unlimited contacts, SendInBlue offers up to 300 email sends per day and the upgrade solutions start at 25$/month.


You can have access to many contacts, APIs, webhooks, advanced statistics, and email editor with Mailjet’s free plan but not having approach to A/B automation features. This interface is so easy to use that you don’t even need to be spending a lot of time in order to get familiar with service.

Since you will have access to the full API as far you are a part of free plan, although Mailjet is useful for businesses that would be requiring technical changes or adjustment.

MailJet is offering up to 200 emails per day that most probably 6,000 emails monthly and you can start from 8.69$ and can upgrade each month for 30,000 emails and also no limitations of daily sending emails.


So if a business which you are working for is encountering miraculous growth but not using an email marketing service, you might consider Benchmark’s free email tool. This tool is strong-equipped with premium features to serve to the enterprise-level business.

You will be having access to drag and drop editor from various templates, signup forms, basic dream campaigns and also list hygiene features with the free version of Benchmark. It is very easy to implement and most amazing thing that is user-friendly.

Although there is no choice for A/B testing and for automating features. Moreover, contacts can be added through list import while using free plan. You can only be able to email those contacts who fill out benchmark subscriber forms.

Benchmark provides free starter plan up to 2,000 subscribers and 14,000 emails each month. As you upgrade the next plan starts at 13.99$ for up to 600 subscribers and send boundless emails every month.


If you are looking to grow and start up a new business, MailerLite is a great solution for that and if you have a small business and you need to send bulk marketing then this service can be considered an ideal one.

Before sending an email, you can preview it on a desktop as this is a well-equipped feature of MailerLite. However, as the other options in this list, the integration capabilities are not as robust.

MailerLiter offers up to 1000 subscribers with 12,000 emails per month and the tier costs 10$.

Vairt CRM system is one stop shop for real estate agents to make their process easy and automate. Alongwith this amazing system, vairt offer high return on investment plans with the requirement of minimum amount. Vairt is one and only platform that offer the investment with $25,000. You just need to signup on vairt investment portal and explore investment options and invest in property. Now investing is easiest process in real estate industry. If you have any question related to vairt investments, feel free to contact us at /  +15164447715.



Are you using Email Marketing Properly? Guide on Proper Email Marketing Campaigns

Vairt Email Marketing Campaigns Guide

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Are you using Email Marketing Properly? Guide on Proper Email Marketing Campaigns

Vairt Email Marketing Campaigns Guide

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