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Muhammad Hassan
Published: Saturday September 14, 2019
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Gathering superior leads is one of the serious conflicts for most of the marketers. As a matter of fact, over 61% of B2B marketers consider generating high standard leads and it is probably one of a huge challenge for them. And your hard work is paid off when you have crafted a fantastic, high-transforming landing page.

By way of illustration, let suppose you have found out that you are generating lots of leads on your new WordPress site. All right –what are you supposed to do with them?

Generally, if you want that your lead generation efforts get the payoff they deserve, you require an efficient lead catch tool to find out that how to change prospects into powerful leads that are concerned with your CRM.

To make it easy for you to find the perfect tool for your requirements, we have gathered the perfect list of 12 best WordPress lead generate tools. Moreover, we have also collected our favorite 7 leads generation plugins that will dive into after we look over the lead catch plugins, listed below.

First of all, you need to find out what makes a WordPress lead capture tool particularly remarkable?

Characteristics to Consider in a WordPress Lead Capture Plugin

Here are some hints to assist you to pick the best tools for your requirements:

Positioning Options

The lead you capture form’s locating will play a task in its discussion. Do you want a two-step opt-in? An in-comment form? Or do you want to use a popup?

Then you need to make this thing sure that the tool you are going to choose has to offer the positioning options you want.

The opportunity for integrations

Many of these tools guide you to capture leads, but they do not mandatorily do anything after that. For this, you will definitely demand a way to obtain those leads into your list management tool or CRM.

Most of these tools provide you integration, but still, you will definitely need to make sure that if you are able to integrate with your elected tools.

Custom Fields

Effective lead capture forms are basically all concerned with balancing the number of fields on a form VS the form’s conversations rate’s. But, it can also mean less competent leads at the same time. You need the elasticity to gather as much information as you need to qualify a lead, for each tool.

Now, let’s have a look into our favorite plugins and tools.

Best WordPress Lead Generation Tools
  • Vairt All-In-One Marketing
  • Gravity Forms
  • Hustle
  • Bloom
  • WPForms
  • Thrive Leads
  • Elementor Pro
  • BoxZilla
  • Holler Box
  • CallPage
  • Optin Forms
  • Ninja Forms
Vairt All-In-One Marketing

Price: Free to start and paid plans to begin at 50$ per month.

Vairt All-In-One Marketing gives you numerous choices to capture leads on your WordPress site. It can even take those leads and keep them in the free Vairt CRM for the easy tagging and segmentation once you have captured the leads.

You can create the following criteria with the Vairt WordPress plugin:

Lead capture forms: manipulate the drag-and-drop form builder to control what information you gather through your leads.

Popup options: you can also use top banners, popups, and slide-in boxes to capture leads furthermore to displaying forms in your content.

Vairt can even help you generate leads via its free live chat module beyond the forms. This module lets you attach with the visitors to offer sales information and clients support. You can also create an automated chatbot to answer the queries if you are not around the man controls.

It does not matter from where your leads are coming from they are still stored in your free Vairt CRM.

Vairt All-In-One Marketing is very reliable to get started with, moreover, it also has the free starting feature as well. All you need to do is sign up with your name, email, and password and you are ready to start capturing leads once you install the free plugin from

Gravity Forms

Price: Begins at 59$

Gravity Forms is a usual WordPress form plugin like WPForms. You can use this to create all types of lead capture forms. It gives you a drag-and-drop form builder and 30+ custom field types as well that help you gather various information. Moreover, there are some neat extensions to increase your lead collection.

For instance; the Partial Entries add-on allows you to gather information even if anyone does not fill the whole form.

Consequently, it saves all of these submissions in your WordPress, dashboard, even you can integrate your forms with a variety of CRMs, email marketing services, and help desks.

If it is not enough for your requirements, then the Zapier and Webhooks integrations can help you link to pretty much anywhere else as well. Moreover, if you are already performing with Vairt All-In-One Marketing, then Vairt will automatically seize Gravity Forms submission and put them into your Vairt CRM for your easy management.


Price: Free to Start and premium version costs nearly 49$ monthly.

It is a WordPress Marketing plugin offering customizable slide-ins, popups, embeds, and social sharing bars. All of them involve a wide array of display options, that includes:

  • Categories or tags
  • Device
  • Posts or pages
  • Visitor logged-in status
  • Country
  • Referring Website
  • Number of times a visitor has been seen
  • Specific URLs
  • If the visitor has commented before
  • Include on 404 pages or not

Embeds are basically your in-content advertisements or opt-ins and they can be displayed using the built-in options, for instance; before or after your post content or both.

What makes Hustle different is that every category and integration is involved in the free version. You are provided with all 18+ integrations, including Zapier.

Hustle will automatically grab your submissions and send them into your Vairt CRM if you are currently using Vairt WordPress plugin.

The number of slide-ins, popups, and social share bars are the only limitations of the free version that you can create in each installation.


Price: $89

Bloom is one of the popular email opt-in plugin through Elegant Themes. It guides you to capture email leads by simply using numerous form types, that includes:

  • Slide-ins
  • Pop-ups
  • In-content forms

Content lockers (e.g lock certain content behind an email subscribe form)

You obtain some of the unique choices for triggering your lead capture forms. For instance; displaying a form after a person leaves a comment on your site.

You are limited in how much control you have over your forms themselves and this is the only disadvantage. For instance; You are only able to customize the existing templates, you are limited in the quantity of information you can gather from visitors and you can’t make your own.

If you are fine with these limitations, this tool can result in a good choice for your team. In addition, you get a nice dashboard where you can easily go through analytics and track lead growth, and the option to run A/B tests.


Price: Starts free and range of paid plans is from 39.50$ to 199.50$

WPForms is one of the popular WordPress form plugins that you need to create any type of form. You can create customized lead capture forms to collect as much or as little information as you need from your leads by using its drag-to-drop builder and a variety of form fields. And you have different ways to work with leads that you collect, once you get your form.

It stores all of your leads in its own entry manager that you can easily access from your WordPress dashboard. Optionally, you can even sync your forms up with:

  • Zapier
  • A variety of email marketing services

In Addition, you can also automatically pull your WPForms submissions into your Vairt CRM for tagging and segmentation, if you are already using Vairt All-In-One Marketing.

Thrive Leads

Price: 67$ for one license, 97$ for five licenses.

Thrive Leads is one of the popular WordPress lead generation plugins that helps you gather email addresses with several different opt-in types, that includes:

  • “Sticky” ribbons
  • Lightbox popups
  • In-line forms
  • Slide-Ins
  • Screen fillers
  • 2 step opt-ins
  • Content lockers
  • Scroll/welcome mat

You can use the included templates and drag-and-drop builder to customize things to make them your own for all the numerous types.

Its SmartLinks feature lets you display different forms to people depending on where they are coming from, it is one of the areas where Thrive Leads goes further than a; lot of other solutions.

With the help of this feature, you can even make sure that you are sending different forms to your email list than what appears on your homepage.

Elementor Pro

Price: 49$

Elementor Pro is also one of the popular and considerable WordPress page builder plugin that can guide you to build the lead capture pages and lead capture forms as well.

Primarily, It offers you a visual, drag-and-drop builder interface that you can use to craft pages or posts on your site. You can also carry out a popup builder that allows you to use the same interface that design and display popups anywhere on your site.

You can use Elementor Pro’s Form widget to actually capture the leads that allow you to build custom forms with as many fields as you want. You can also connect those form with Zapier in order to send data to your favorite CRM for tagging and segmentations.


Price: Starts free and premium version begins at 48$

BoxZilla is previously known as Scroll Triggered Popups. It is a helpful lead capture plugin that guides you to create simple forms that display as either popups or slide-ins on your site.

As the former name of this plugin indicates that one way you can trigger these forms is as user scrolls down your page. Nevertheless, BoxZilla supports other triggers as well like time on site or exit intent.

Holler Box

Price: Starts free and premium version starts at 99$

It is a very simple lead capture plugin that targets itself against WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download stores, but it can be really helpful for all types of WordPress sites.

Holler Box allows you to create 7 different kinds of lead capture forms that include the slide-in and popups. This widget clearly looks like a live chatbox, but it is basically a way to capture the leads. Your visitor enters their email addresses and message so you can either receive an email notification email yourself or you can even connect that knowledge to popular email marketing services on your own custom HTML form.

Optin Forms

Price: Free

It is a free lead capture plugin that guides you to create reliable email opt-in forms on your site and link those forms to:

  • GetReponse
  • AWeber
  • iContact
  • ConvertKit
  • MadMimi
  • MailChimp
  • Inspire Email Marketer

You can customize all the text and colors to make them match your site by selecting from five different templates. You can either automatically add your lead capture form to all your blog posts, or even use a shortcode to select where and when to involve your forms, from there.


Price: Starts free and paid plans to begin at 159$ monthly

CallPage is a reliable and simples lead capture plugin that guides you to collect contact numbers from the potential leads. To collect these telephone numbers, it displays a widget that allows the visitors to provide their contact numbers to receive a call back either right away, or at some point in the future.

Ninja Forms

Price: Starts free and paid extensions vary in price

Ninja Forms is yet another reliable WordPress form plugin that follows in the vein of Gravity Forms or WPForms by simply allowing you to get access to drag-and-drop to build your own custom forms and then hook that data up to numerous email marketing services, CRMs, or even Zapier or Webhooks.

You can even pull in form submissions to your Vairt CRM just as two other form plugins.

  • Email opt-in forms
  • Contact forms
  • Surveys and polls
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Step by Step Guide to to Generate Seller Leads in Real Estate

Vairt Guide to Successful Leads in Real Estate Business

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Step by Step Guide to to Generate Seller Leads in Real Estate

Vairt Guide to Successful Leads in Real Estate Business

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