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Published: Thursday October 27, 2022
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A successful doctor can balance a work life even after countless demands of physician groups, patients, employees, etc. But definitely, a doctor also wants financial freedom, prosperity as well as wealth without doing multiple jobs. According to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare jobs are one of the highest paying $208,000 per year. But it’s not enough to make you rich because you have to face W-2 – withholding tax. If you want to earn passive income then there are various options you can utilize. Like you can buy shares of the stock market or equities of any firm. But Real Estate is not too much risk as other investments. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can differentiate between earned W-2 income and passive income to Invest in Real Estate.

Ways to Invest in Real Estate:

There is a variety of ways to earn passive income from real estate. But Residential as well as Commercial is quite a feasible option for doctors. You can be the full owner of the property or can invest through crowdfunding. You’ll be entertained according to your investment ratio during crowdfunding.

Types of Residential: It includes condos, duplexes, townhouses, single-family homes, co-ops, or even fourplexes in different cities.

Types Of Commercial Real Estate: It includes hotels, restaurants, shops, garages, multifamily properties or offices, etc.

Wealth Creation Through Real Estate:

Everyone wants to be a landlord & like wealth creation. But few of them can find suitable as well as possible ways. So, if you don’t have too much cash but want to invest in real estate. Then you can acquire any rental property. All of the remaining dues will be deducted from your rental income on monthly bases. Your rental income will cover all remaining & related expenses. Definitely, your property will appreciate over time.

So, after struggling investors have summarized a simple formula for you:

Long-Term Wealth Creation = Appreciation + Principal Reduction

Rental rates may vary according to the local market. Usually, it tends to increase by 2 to 3 percent over time. It depends upon inflation as well as supply & demand etc.
You’ll realize that after five years equity would be double (Equity is known as the difference between the property’s value & mortgage balance). Your mortgage will reduce because your rental income is covering all of the costs.

If you don’t have too much time and knowledge then you can hire any professional manager. He can manage your property along with day-to-day operations. Like paying bills, collecting rent as well as doing necessary maintenance & repair.

Besides real estate financing, you can invest in the US Treasuries, the stock market, or any automated or online business. But as a medical Practitioner, you are too much busy helping patients. So, any such option of investing is not suitable for you, due to much active participation.
Due to all of the above reasons, Real Estate Investment is always a suitable option for you.

Pros of Passive Real Estate Investment for Doctors:

There’s always a risk in any investment like your life is also a risk. Definitely, there are also pros and cons of real estate investment. You’d be able to earn handsome passive income without a massive amount of effort & time.

  • Appreciation: It is one of the well-known factors due to which investors like to invest in Real Estate. Most of the properties appreciate over time. But there is also a chance of depreciating due to any external factor.
  • Long-Term Benefits just with One-Time investment: You don’t need to do a full-time job. You can treat them as part-time or passive investors. So, you can buy any property or buy a fraction (as per your investment). Real Estate syndication helps doctors with cash flow & tax benefits. You’ll be entertained as the original owner of the property.
  • More Cash Flow: Investments help you to generate more cash flow. You can enhance your finances along with positive cash flow. Collection of rent helps to manage monthly expenses.
  • Passive income: Doctors have to face massive workloads due to their activities & duties. Your income is directly proportional to your activities. But you can acquire a good amount of cash flow every month by investing in Real Estate. There’s no need to invest extra time & effort.

Cons of Passive Invest in Real Estate for Doctors:

As we have discussed that everything has its pros and cons. So, there are also varieties of risks you can face while investing in Real Estate.

  • Asset Level Risk: Sometimes you might have to face asset level risk. Like office space, retailing and demand for hospitality have been adversely affected during COVID-19. If your tenants are not regular or you are not training them well, you will never enjoy a stable cash flow. But some properties like multifamily residential properties are always highly in demand even during the economic crisis. So, their risk is significantly lower.
  • Liquidity risk: It is difficult to liquidate real estate property. You’ll always be unable to liquidate a minimum margin. Even during downturns, it is difficult to find buyers. So, you should have a long-term Real Estate Investment Plan.
  • General Market Risk: There are also various general market risks you can face during regular operations. Like recessions in correlated markets, fluctuating interest rates, natural disasters, or any other market risk. So, you should be aware of all such risks. Never try to put all your eggs (investment) in one Real Estate basket.
  • Financing Risk: Sometimes if you are unable to do financing then you can face financing risk. Usually, you borrow money from the bank. The procedure will be long and tough. Everyone in Real Estate operates with leverage. Sometimes excessive leverage can also be harmful to your investment.

Final Words

Now you understand the pros and cons of short-term rental property. It’s time to start investing in real estate through a trustworthy investment platform. So you don’t need to search for an investment platform. Vairt is the most trustworthy and reliable investment platform which offers multiple investment opportunities.

Vairt investment is just a click away. We have tried to make it simple and 100% risk-free. You can enjoy positive cash flow and a High Return on Investment.

Vairt Real Estate Investment Opportunities

How to Start Investing in Real Estate Using Vairt Investment Platform

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Vairt Real Estate Investment Opportunities

How to Start Investing in Real Estate Using Vairt Investment Platform

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