The Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution for Real Estate Professionals

Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms for Real Estate Professionals

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Muhammad Hassan
Published: Saturday September 14, 2019
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There is no way that great content can be of any use unless it reaches the proper audience. Engaging Content is an important part of a business and once it is combined with proper content distribution, the result is gold. In recent years, content marketing has not been entirely fruitful for many businesses. The reason is that there has been a rapid increase in the content that has been fluctuating online. Everyone is using the same marketing techniques to spread the word which is why the audience is unable to consume the content properly. This article is written for the purpose of guiding you thoroughly about how to distribute your content among proper channels so your real estate business can function according to your desires.

What is Content Distribution?

Content distribution is the art of promoting your content via different channels. Content distribution is a strategy to make your business reach the maximum number of an audience there is. Content distribution is considered to be the backbone of a business and involves processes like sharing, publishing and promoting your content. There are many channels that can be used to promote your content which we are going to discuss now.

Content Distribution Channels

The channels that are used to share and promote your content are called content distribution channels. Content distribution channels are a great way to properly place your content. There are three different kinds of distribution channels such as Owned, Earned and Paid. The channel you use will be according to the requirement of your business.

Owned Content Distribution

When you distribute your content to web properties you own yourself, that is called owned content distribution. Owned content distribution allows you to control when to publish your content and which channels to use. The channels included in the owned content distribution are websites, social media, apps, and blogs, etc.

Earned Content Distribution

Earned or shared content distribution is when you use third parties to market your content on your behalf. The reason it is called earned is that the third parties like bloggers, customers, social media experts share your content for free. Earned content distribution saves you from the headaches of managing and promoting your content yourself.

Paid Content Distribution

When you are using the owned and earned content distribution techniques and not getting the desired results, that is where this technique becomes useful. Paid content distribution is when you pay the proper authorities to publish and promote your content. The paid content distribution includes services like pay-per-click, paid social media advertisements and paid influencer content.

Building a Content Distribution Strategy

This is the most integral part of the whole process of content distribution. It is important that you come up with a strategy first before beginning with the distribution process. What we recommend is that you should spend more time promoting your content than actually creating it. Content distribution strategy is something that most people lack and that is why their business is not what they hope it should be. Here we will discuss how can build an effective content distribution strategy yourself.

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1. Target Audience

If you know the people you are writing your content for, you have successfully won at the first step of developing the content distribution strategy. The choices of your audience, where they are and what kind of content do they want to read gives you an ultimate idea about the distribution strategy you want to come up with. In order to know your audience, start by collecting the data related to the choices they make at your platform, the number of visitors of your website, the time they spend at your interface, and the options that are most clicked. This data can be collected through Google Analytics or social media analytics tools. You can also allow your customers to provide you direct feedback through certain questionnaires to tell you how do they feel about your content.

2. Content Auditing

Content auditing is the next step in coming up with a successful content distribution strategy. Auditing involves scrutinizing your content to know whether the current distribution techniques are effective or not. Content auditing also helps you in deciding which topics you can write more content on. Content auditing lets you identify the information of each of your contents separately including the number of its length, social shares, and backlinks. Auditing your content also lets you identify if there any gaps that need to be filled in your content.

3. Content Distribution Channels

After identifying the requirements of your target audience and auditing your content, now it’s time to choose your distribution channels. The channels you choose should be according to the preferences and requirements of your target audience. If you own your own distribution channel, make sure to optimize them according to the requirements of the other top-notch distribution channels because instead of seeking the services of a paid channel, spending your money on the betterment of the channel you own makes more sense.

4. Content Types

The fourth step is choosing the types of content you want to and can create. Most companies use the strategy of repurposing and republishing their content. This way serves better than coming up with new ideas every time you write a blog post. Here are some content types to help you choose from as you start to create your blog posts

  • E-books
  • Videos
  • White Papers
  • Testimonials
  • Podcasts
5. Setting up your distribution goals

Setting a goal to work towards is important because your goal won’t let you lose motivation. A goal lets you have a clear image of what success would look like when you get there. Setting up key performance indicators for content lets you keep track of your content’s performance at any given time. The goals you set should be specific and measurable. They should be relevant to your current market strategy. Also, don’t forget to allocate time in which you would like to see the improved result.

6. Editorial Calendar

Setting up your editorial calendar comes in handy as content marketing and distribution requires a lot of planning. Your calendar holds the schedule of coming weeks and months allowing your team to have a better idea of what to do in the coming weeks. Your calendar also allows your team to track whether they are behind or ahead of the decided schedule.

7. Create your content

After coming out successful in the above-stated steps, now it is time to actually writing your content. Content creation varies according to your team size, goals, brand and industry. Your content should be according to what your audience wants to see and consume. The content you use should contain beautiful videos that informatively explain the working. It should also be specific to your business as well.

8. Content Distribution

After completing the process of writing your content, it’s time to distribute it through proper channels. Following your calendar and chosen distribution channels, spread your content among different channels and make it reach the worldwide audience. Also, don’t forget to optimize your content on each channel.

9. Analyzing Results

After your content is distributed, the last step is analyzing the performance. Whether your content has performed to the extent you hoped it would or there still are some points which you still need to work on. You can keep track of the performance by using Google Analytics and social media analytics tools. Everyone wants their content to be seen on the front page of Google which is why Google Analytics tool lets you come up with numbers and lets you keep track of the performance of each week separately.

Content Distribution Tools

There are many content distribution tools out there that can help you get discovered and consumed according to your needs and wants. Those tools are stated as follows.

  • is a both free and paid content distribution tool that makes your content reach the broadest customer base. It is used by many organizations and firms to market their business and make their content consumed by thousands of users worldwide.
  • LinkedIn is a growing and revolutionary tool to market your content for free. You can get your content in front of millions of followers through a bunch of just a few clicks. LinkedIn also serves the feature of “Write an Article” to write and publish your content from a single place without having to go anywhere else. You can also download the LinkedIn mobile app to receive the relevant news and updates at the ease of your hands.
  • Retweeting There is a retweet button in that can be seen under every post to allow your users to share your content on their personal profiles ultimately multiplying the reach you regularly achieve at your posts. While you are marketing your content yourself, your users will also be promoting it on the other hand through this tool.
  • SharedCount tool helps you measure the level of engagement of your social media posts. By simply putting the URL of the post, SharedCount will provide you the number of likes, comments, shares, clicks, etc. SharedCount can also help you determine which of your posts are performing well and which needs some working to do.
  • Outbrain is an effective tool that places your content at the bottom of other articles. Under other articles, the link leading to your content will be placed by Outbrain encouraging their readers to open and read your content as well.

The key to better growth

Content distribution is the key to success of any business if it is done through proper channels. If you want to boost your brand awareness and want your business to reach the widest possible customer base, give proper attention to your content marketing and distribution.

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Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms for Real Estate Professionals

Vairt Real Estate Professionals must know these Marketing Terms

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Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms for Real Estate Professionals

Vairt Real Estate Professionals must know these Marketing Terms

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