Vairt Transaction platform

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Thursday July 18, 2019

Vairt Transaction platform

A platform where you can close your deals fast and thoroughly online. Adding the facility of e-signature technology. With our real estate transaction Platform you can upload, sign, and save documents at no extra fee. Also you can save data of your deals in process, closed deals and leased property deals on this platform.

Secure storage and wire fraud protection:

Vairt has replaced the process of printing scanning and signing documents. This tool is fully integrated with our transaction management platform and can be used without additional charges.
Documents and disclosures are only accessible to the parties involved in the transaction.

  • All users activity is immutably time stamped.
  • Automated workflow and instant reminders for the next steps
  • Full transparency and instant notification throughout deal flow
  • Statistics available for brokerages and agents.
  • Flexible payment gateway:
  • Bank transfers
  • Payments accepted in traditional and cryptocurrencies.
Vairt Transaction platform

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