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Published: Saturday September 21, 2019
Realestate CRM

Congrats if you have already decided to get Real Estate CRM software because doing so at the right time can be a life-changing decision in itself not only that, you are already done with the major issues in real estate journey but don’t forget there are still more to come and those are bigger than that. You might need to choose which system in particular to adopt and what features are necessary to be parsed out. If you are a new to Real Estate CRM features and attempting to navigate CRM landscape then just don’t go it alone.

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CRM Features

The aim of CRM is to be useful to its users (sales representatives, leaders, managers). These below give features of choosing a CRM will empower and enable a sales team.

  • Contact Management
  • Listing manager
  • Lead Manager
  • Online Real Estate Transaction
  • Deal Stages
  • Daily Dashboard
  • Task Management
  • Content Repository
  • Automated Data Capture
  • Reporting
  • Mobile
  • Integration with Marketing Automation
  • Personalized Sequences
  • Canned Snippets
  • Email Integration

Contact Management

A CRM without contact management really doesn’t fulfill all the demands of the users as it allows its user to record and store the client’s information gradually. Although, as many as possible data entries can be reduced by the top CRM systems. Magistrate this attribute according to your mind.

Listing Manager

Centralize all your listings in one place automatically match leads to your listings and send out property marketing materials to your clients. Syndicate your properties globally on property portals and a full listings database of every listing that you have ever had including pending, available, publishes, unpublished, archived listings and create professional flyers by single click.

Every listing has its own documents library. Enter as many documents pdf, MS word, or images for listing and with more than 40 portals website that we can export to, all you have to do is manage edit your listings and we make sure that your listings are sent to all of the property portals that you have subscribed to.

Lead Manager

In order for a company grow, it is important that their lead management ,is strong and effective. Effective lead management is an integral part of a good CRM which is why VAIRT CRM helps you to turn your leads into permanent and potential clients. Manage your clients’ details, conversations, appointments and schedules, tasks and much more from a single place.

VAIRT CRM helps you generate leads through social media, email marketing, websites, blogs, and other related activities so you can publish your listings on multiple portals through a single click and rapidly increase your lead-generating sources that keeps your potential leads properly engaged through outreach programs such as follow-up calls, media marketing, etc. VAIRT CRM also tracks information of the people who respond to emails and outreach activities. For everyone who shows interest, a lead is generated.

Online Real Estate Transaction

VAIRT Transaction Global real estate transaction management platform allows you to close deals fast, securely and entirely online. Additionally, take advantage of e-signature technology, DocuSign. With VAIRT real estate transaction platform, you can upload, sign and store documents and disclosures at no extra fee because VAIRT allows agents to focus on their clients.

Deal Stages

You should be able to program the levels of your deal into the software whether your business has 3 deal steps or 10, where most of these systems can be adapted to be performed on a sales process.

Daily Dashboard

On daily basis, every representative wants to see specific date as how many leads they have in their pipelines, or what tasks they are required to finish. Same as that, for the aggregated sales team, the leaders and the managers are required to be able to view these categories as well, so all you need is to evaluate this scenario with simplicity.

Task Management

You are clearly not a HAPPY representative if you have to toggle between several different systems to complete your daily tasks. So, the CRM systems can easily help you to keep on top of your follow-up because it provides you with task management capabilities.

Content Repository

Salesperson spends over 31% of its time for finding and creating content according to the Docurated’s State of Sales Productivity which can be counted as one of the fears in real estate business so you need to look for an embedded content repository in a CRM system. Not only that, they can even file away tailored email templates so they won’t follow up with each new contact.

Automated Data Capture

To maintain a reliable track for clients’ touches is one of the reasons that companies decide to adopt a CRM. Uploading call recordings and copy-pasting representative’s emails are the usual applications that most of the CRM’s are required to have. VAIRT automatically logs calls made and emails sent from the system to make things easy for you and posts them in a timeline-like view on the contact’s record page.


If you want to make it easy to distribute and export the trends of the system you need to ensure that your CRM must provide reporting features because a CRM system is only as good as the insights it suggests.


If you have a field sales team then the mobile competencies are particularly critical. If the representatives are travelling and you are tying them to the CRM which can only be used via laptop can really annoy them. Since most of the CRM systems are now accessed through mobile phones, you need to make sure that your CRM is the one you are considering to work well.

Integration with Marketing Automation

Ensure that the CRM you choose should be tightly integrated with the use of marketing automation software if your company has the access to it because the major aim of CRM is to provide the users with a complete life-cycle view into each customer and prospect. So, you need to be very careful about it because even a minor gap between them might cause losing the information and opportunities.

Personalized Sequences

When a prospect reply or book a meeting then make sure your CRM will enroll them in sequence and send them timely email templates right when they need to hear from you and keep in your mind that you do not send them the email they have already responded to because it never really looks good. Not only that, try to provide them with follow-up reminders so they can communicate with no hurdles.

Canned Snippets

Canned snippets are the reusable blocks of texts that lets you to craft the reusable messages through chat and email and it can be used in companies, on contacts so at the early prospecting stage you can save time with canned answers to usual queries as “Do you want to know more about our pricing? Or would you like to schedule a demo?”

Email Integration

To get the most for your system it is compulsory to connect your email to your CRM and to make sure that it works with your preferred email provider e.g. Outlook or Gmail and your CRM should log email addresses, names, and email messages from there to your contact records.

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Learn the Importance of CRM System and How does it work

Vairt CRM System and it's Importance

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Learn the Importance of CRM System and How does it work

Vairt CRM System and it's Importance

Learn Now

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